La Redoute Interiors: a range of collaborations for the fall-winter 2016 collection

La Redoute Interiors: a range of collaborations for the fall-winter 2016 collection

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For fall-winter 2016, La Redoute Interiors defines its collection as "a palette of collaborations and collections for a plural style, assertive ... and above all very French." Indeed, the brand finds Sarah Lavoine and Sam Baron around new capsule collections. In total, 4 different styles are presented: "Rétropical", "Contemporain", "Boho" and "Classique". Here are some of our favorites in pictures!

A cozy room with a cozy atmosphere

Amélie Cochet The Sarah Lavoine capsule collection for La Redoute Interiors includes furniture, textiles and decorative elements for the bedroom and the living room. Here, we like the pretty wooden bedside table and the yellow, white and blue quilts. * Mirrors: from € 79.99 Pillowcase: from € 16.99 Duvet cover: from € 42.99 Boutis: € 99.99 *

Sam Baron revisits our grandmothers' bed linen

Amélie Cochet For this new collaboration, Sam Baron and La Redoute Interiors are inspired by the family linens of yesteryear and offer a capsule collection called "Grenier". A direct reminder of old-fashioned bed linen with linen, cross-cotton and monograms brought up to date. * Duvet cover: € 99.99 Cushion cover: € 19.99 Pillowcase: € 26.99 Suspension: € 16.99 *

Retro and tropical at the same time

Amélie Cochet Mix "retro" and "tropical" to get "retropical", one of the inspirations of the fall-winter 2016 collection and big trend of the year. Marie Noulez, head of the Style Office at La Redoute Interiors, describes this trend on the spot as "a floral universe with kaleidoscopic peacock feathers". We love the duck blue velvet and tweed armchair and, for the retro side, the walnut coffee table. * Watford armchair: 449 € Watford coffee table: 499 € *

The return of velvet

Amélie Cochet Still right in the "retropical", this pretty yellow velvet armchair goes perfectly with the "Watford" range of wooden furniture. Brass is honored with decorative touches, here on the legs of the ends of the sofas. * Lipstick armchair: € 449 Watford end table: € 199 *


Amélie Cochet Here we find some of the bohemian-inspired elements of the next La Redoute Interiors collection. A beautiful black rattan chair and the pretty flexible wicker baskets.

Contemporary style

Amélie Cochet Sober lines and enveloping forms, the contemporary elements of La Redoute Interiors offer an "urban, simple and elegant" universe. We love the blue sofa made in France which brings color to the room. There are 4 colors: navy blue, olive, yellow and gray with brass or black legs depending on the model. * Sluito sofa: from € 1,299 Suspension: € 69.99 Osia cushion cover: € 69.99 Carlen cushion cover: € 16.99 *

A contemporary dining room

Amélie Cochet The Biface table (€ 849) is just waiting for your little family for the evening meal. We put carafes and vases in colored glasses, ultra trendy in spring.

More classic lines

Amélie Cochet A pretty sofa (Odna, € 769) of classical inspiration is nicely raised by cushions with colorful prints.

For kids

Amélie Cochet Children are not left out with the fall-winter 2016 collection of La Redoute Interiors: Scandinavian-inspired furniture and pretty printed sheets. * Quilda bed: € 299 Quilda bedside table: € 109 Duvet cover: from € 26.99 Fitted sheet from € 19.99 Pillowcase: from € 6.99 *