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Original layout for the kitchen

Original layout for the kitchen

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In the kitchen, there are not only I, L or U layouts, but also very decorative original solutions that will make your kitchen a centerpiece of the house. We invite you to discover 20 kitchens that come out of the usual locations.

A kitchen with an offset work plan

Aviva Usually, the work plan allows to close the kitchen space! But here he structures it simply by placing himself in the center of the kitchen. It then becomes a counter which remains accessible on both sides for an original kitchen.

A T-shaped kitchen

Aviva Kitchens in I, L and U, you know but maybe not in T! Here the kitchen consists of a large work plan that is placed perpendicular to the wall for a kitchen that gives relief to the living room.

A kitchen with two islands

Aviva If you have a very large room, why not make the kitchen the backbone of space? You can then bet on beautiful pieces of furniture which invest the room with for example two islands instead of one!

A corridor style kitchen

Aviva What if your kitchen occupied the entire length of a room? With these two parallel worktops, this kitchen is composed in the manner of a corridor for a functional and refined space.

A kitchen with an original sink

Darty This kitchen takes a fairly classic form but offers a sink far from it! Indeed, it occupies the end of a worktop and offers a sort of round island dedicated to an ultra functional sink that will create a surprise in your kitchen.

A kitchen with a dining area straddling the worktop

Arthur Bonnet This fairly classic shaped kitchen takes on an original appearance when the dining area is placed perpendicular to the worktop, straddling the latter. The kitchen takes on very modern, unstructured looks.

A round shaped kitchen

Kitchen Plus Why should kitchens always be straight and rigid? This breaks the codes by introducing roundness into the worktop for an ultra functional and very decorative kitchen.

A kitchen with a perpendicular island

Cuisinella Usually, the central island is placed parallel to the rest of the kitchen but here, we offer the originality of a kitchen whose island is presented perpendicularly for a graphic and practical effect.

A kitchen in the center of the room

Ikea Finally, why not place your kitchen in the center of the room and have it independent of the wall surface? Your kitchen will then become the center of all attention.

A kitchen with storage space under the stairs

Ikea Uncommon this kitchen which used the space under the stairs to create a battery of cupboards and to insert the microwave. Optimal space saving!

A Z-shaped kitchen

Mobalpa If we know the kitchens located in U, I or even L, kitchens arranged in Z are on the other hand rather unknown. Convenient to create an independent dining area while being perfectly connected to the rest of the furniture.

A kitchen in the living room

Ikea In this space, the entire organization is reviewed to be able to read in the kitchen and have lunch in the living room. Facing the living room, the central island is easier to access. The time has come to think differently!

A kitchen with an atypical central island

Schmidt Strange but super practical, this central island will not leave anyone indifferent. The smallest block serves as much storage as seat. We love !

A kitchen with a mismatched dining area

Schmidt To clearly define the function of each of the spaces in this room, two opposite colors were used. Bright red for the kitchen area, light wood for the dining area. All in perfect harmony and in a truly original layout.

A T-shaped kitchen

Cuisinella If the bar area is more in the habit of creating a U with the rest of the kitchen furniture, here it is invited in the middle to form a T. Thus, two dining areas are discovered and no cm2 is lost.

A kitchen with two connected dining areas

Mobalpa In this kitchen, the island is the starting point for two spaces for dining. A small one for dinners for two, a larger one for family breakfasts.

A kitchen with islands facing each other

Schmidt In this kitchen no tall units, but two islands which have been installed face to face so as to create a linear and refined kitchen. As for the cupboards at the back, they bring a little touch of warmth with their raw wood finish.

A kitchen with an original dining area

Mobalpa Here, the snack plan was imposed in the middle of the central island in an original way by playing on the layout and a different color. This is a cuisine like no other.

A kitchen with furniture that does not touch

Ikea If you are lucky enough to own a large kitchen, you can experience this layout at home: several elements are installed along the walls without ever touching each other in the corners. WE love !