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Art Deco inspiration for the fall-winter 2016-2017 collection of 3 Suisses

Art Deco inspiration for the fall-winter 2016-2017 collection of 3 Suisses

To prepare for winter 2017, 3 Suisses was inspired by the 1970s and the Art Deco style. The brand presents its new products to us in a disused train, on the grounds of the Grand Train in Paris. The prints are staged, dense and flowery prints rub shoulders, without ever swearing. Presentation of a new glitter collection!

Mix & Match

Amélie Cochet The designers and designers of 3 Suisses were very much inspired by the Art Deco style, which is on trend again this year, to create all the textiles for the winter 2016-2017 collection. Many patterns and colors are available and mix as desired.

Everything for the living room

Amélie Cochet To the personalized bench seat, why not add this pretty Ema blue fabric armchair?

Beautiful teak furniture

Amélie Cochet We never have enough household linen. However, there is often a lack of storage space to keep them. For next winter, 3 Suisses offers a whole range of designer teak furniture to store our beautiful ornaments and duvet covers.

Children's textiles

Amélie Cochet Next winter, the youngest will not be outdone. 3 Suisses has thought of them and designed suitable bed linen. The choice is wide: unicorns, superheroes, sushi ... Who said that children's clothes were limited to pink and blue patterns?

Sleep well in great sheets

Amélie Cochet Next winter, superheroes take over bed linen to amuse and protect our little ones from the cold! * Pillowcase from € 9.99 *

Enjoy the sun indoors

Amélie Cochet Installed in the control post of an old train, a blue and white bench is combined with the pretty cushions. What create a cocooning corner near a window to enjoy the slightest ray of sunshine.

Winter butterflies

Amélie Cochet We sometimes miss them when the weather gets colder. Do not panic, the butterflies find refuge on our cushions!

Graphic and floral prints

Amélie Cochet If the Art Deco trend is the main inspiration for this next fall-winter collection from 3 Suisses, there are also more current graphic codes. The proof in pictures with these ultra-trendy blue and white square patterns this year.

Timeless liberty

Amélie Cochet There is no age, period or season for a flowery linen of liberty. More information on