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When the bathtub rhymes with privacy

When the bathtub rhymes with privacy

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If the trend is to place your bathtub in the center of the bathroom to make it the centerpiece, some will prefer to offer it a more intimate space. To help you create this relaxing cocoon out of sight, we suggest you discover some hidden baths in the bathroom.

A recessed bathtub

Mobalpa In this large bathroom, the bathtub is set back from the sink area and even protects itself from view with the help of a small low partition that structures the space and allows some decorative items to be placed.

A corner bath

Villeroy et Boch In this bathroom, the bathtub is nestled in an angle created on all sides to form a cocoon within the room using a small wall which envelops the bathtub and offers you a real space dedicated to relaxation.

The tub behind a low wall

Leroy Merlin If your bathroom hosts the toilet and the bathtub in the same room, a small wall can separate the two spaces and provide more privacy for each activity. It is also a good way to hide the toilet in the room.

The bathtub in a recess

Ikea Do not hesitate to take advantage of the peculiarities of your bathroom to place your bathtub. You can for example install it in a recess and close the space using a curtain or a screen for a parenthesis dedicated to relaxation.

Shower tub

Leroy Merlin In this bathroom, part of the bathtub is made between four walls to also offer a shower area out of sight. We install the vanity unit on one of the walls to separate the two spaces.

The tub away

Dune If your bathroom allows, do not hesitate to place the bathtub in a part remote from the vanity unit to create two separate privacy spaces. You can even create a different atmosphere for the bathtub space in order to separate the two spaces.

A bathtub in an L-shaped bathroom

Kinedo If your bathroom is L-shaped, take advantage of each side to separate the bathtub from the rest of the room. You will place it in a corner to provide privacy to the bath part.

An underground bathtub

Porcelanosa In an environment where wood is clearly in the spotlight, we discover a splendid bathtub anchored in the ground. It is however to the Moroccan screen that we owe the touch of privacy.

A bathtub in a master suite

Lapeyre Here is a nice bathroom space open onto the bedroom. Behind the wall is the bathtub in which it is possible to bask out of sight.

A romantic bathtub

Savio Firmino Do you like romantic atmospheres and canopy beds? You will love this bathroom in which the traditional bathtub is overhung by four curtains. Once these are closed, the bathtub becomes a real cocoon.

A bath with Mediterranean accents

Leroy Merlin In this bathroom, the tiles define the spaces with a lot of class. In shades of white and blue, the tiles lead us like a carpet to the bathtub. The latter is ideally placed in a small adjoining room.

A separate bathtub

Porcelanosa In this room where white dominates, the bathtub is ideally placed at the bottom of the room to ensure the privacy of users. An idea to remember when you are lucky enough to own a large bathroom!

A bathtub behind a curtain

Laura Ashley To ensure a little privacy in your bathtub, opt for a curtain! Today the models are very varied and can become real decorative elements in your bathrooms.

A low wall to separate

Aquarine In this gray-clad bathroom, the bathtub is separated from the rest of the room by a small wall. Each space is cleverly delimited which allows you to take a bath in complete privacy.

A bathtub behind a screen

Schmidt In this girly and romantic bathroom, the bathtub is ideally placed near the windows and separated from the rest of the room by a magnificent screen in coordinated colors. An idea of ​​genius to treat yourself to a peaceful bath. Our favorite!

Behind the cupboards

Ikea By partially hiding your bathtub behind the large storage cabinet, you create a quiet little corner to enjoy your bath serenely.

A low wall for the exterior view

Laufen Are you lucky enough to have a large glass wall in your bathroom, but you don't know how to make your bathtub inaccessible from the garden? A simple low wall is enough, without blocking the view and preventing light from entering!