After Time, the new Eurodif collection

After Time, the new Eurodif collection

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A breath of romance blows over the new Eurodif spring / summer 2013 collection. Powdery tones, materials that we want to caress and decorative accessories fill the house with sweetness. From the kitchen, to the bathroom to the living room and bedroom, quickly discover the new decoration selection of the famous brand.

The kitchen decor

Eurodif A piece of sky blue sky interferes in the kitchen! Materialized by cloths, warm hands and aprons, they coordinate with each other and combine with wood to boost your decor!

The decoration of the windows

Eurodif The windows in fine weather are revealed. Put away the heavy fabrics and make room for the curtains. With light colors that let in light, while dimming it, they are sometimes adorned with vertical stripes!

The decor of the dining room

Eurodif While the dining room is dressed in blond wood to warm the atmosphere, the accessories dare the color in variations of pink, eggplant and smoky gray.

The bathroom decor

Eurodif In the bathroom, it's gray's turn to stand out. Floor mats, bath towels, accessories harmonize with the white of the furniture and the tiles for a result that is both soft and warm.

The living room decor

Eurodif The living room with Fifti accents invites comfort. Soft carpets, curtains, cushions of different sizes and lighting are to be abused without moderation. And the more there are, the better!

Table decoration

Eurodif The guest of honor this season at the table is… the eggplant. He brightens up every meal and takes possession of both plates, glasses and bowls.

The little decor

Eurodif What would decoration be without the essential candles. In the same tones as the rest of the collection, they are to be combined together to create a beautiful light atmosphere when lit.


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