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Desjoyaux presents the pools that will delight your summer

Desjoyaux presents the pools that will delight your summer

If you want to enjoy a swimming pool this summer, now is the time to take care of it! To give you ideas, Desjoyaux offers the pool as a new living room with a model for all styles and all desires. Discover 10 swimming pools in pictures.

Accessible pools

Desjoyaux At Desjoyaux, you will find inground pools from 14,000 euros. Desjoyaux surrounds itself with professionals trained in its methods which guarantee an impeccable and aesthetic installation.

A sports pool

Desjoyaux It's up to you to find the pool that will meet your needs and expectations. Note that if you want a swimming pool to indulge in swimming, we prefer sports pools which allow great lengths and which sometimes include the possibility of swimming against the current for smaller pools.

A swimming pool that fits into your garden

Desjoyaux Because your pool must perfectly integrate with your outdoor space to create a pleasant whole, you will find models according to your tastes. For a swimming pool that integrates as well as possible with the vegetation, we prefer a stone coping while a wooden terrace will be more design.

Original pools

Desjoyaux If you want your pool to be the asset of your garden, you can offer you very original shapes but also finishes that will sublimate it like this ideal LED lighting at dusk.

A decorative pool

Desjoyaux Each swimming pool can be adapted to your decorative desires. This large pool is for example decorated with a wooden terrace for relaxation and a wall with water taps to offer you the soothing sound of flowing water.

Contemporary pools

Desjoyaux To match your home, the pools are contemporary with harmonious shapes that easily find their place on a terrace closest to the house.

Swimming pools of all shapes

Desjoyaux Regarding the shape of your pool, you will have the choice! There are also models with very simple straight lines and others rounded which form real original pools.

A swimming pool and a spa

Desjoyaux To complete the relaxation offer in your outdoor space, why not accompany the swimming pool with a spa area in order to have all the comforts of an institute at home.

An above ground pool

Desjoyaux Finally, for those who do not wish to build an inground pool, there are also above-ground solutions that offer you a large pool to cool off on hot summer days!