Collectors' wallpapers in the kitchen

Collectors' wallpapers in the kitchen

Are you surprised that the kitchen can have a strong taste for collections? We find it rather chic. Here is a selection of wallpapers which are distinguished by an accumulation of objects or delicacies ...

Special Tea Time Collection

Graham & Brown Bluish parade of cups, sugar bowls and teapots on the wallpaper. Everything to seduce fans of English Tea Timeā€¦

Collection of bottles

The Collection Inspiration "bar" for this kitchen whose wallpaper makes the collection of bottles of all kinds. To plant a nocturnal and trendy atmosphere, this is the case!

Collection of spoons

The Deco Collection with a teaspoon for the kitchen whose collector's soul makes a strong visual impression! Normal, the small spoons that she scrolls on her wallpaper are not just any since they have coats of arms. This is very chic, ladies and gentlemen!

Collection of fresh produce

The Collection This kitchen wallpaper simply found inspiration ... in the refrigerator: dairy products, soda bottles, vegetables ... Let us add to this singular and funny collection an arty interpretation so that nobody can resist it!

Gourmet collection

Harlequin Beware gourmets! When the kitchen collects cupcakes with a thousand and one frostings, it knows how to whet its owners' appetite!

Collection of mugs

Leroy Merlin Beautiful wall collection of cups in the kitchen. What intensify the side "breakfast", "tea time" and "evening tea" that we savor in this room.

Cutlery collection

The Collection Large cutlery, spoon, fork and knife of "grand century" style and disproportionately large: this is an original but subtle collection for the kitchen walls that we hasten to validate.