40Winks: London's luxury micro-hotel

40Winks: London's luxury micro-hotel

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Direction East London, cosmopolitan and authentic district of the capital, to discover "40Winks", a luxurious and microscopic guest house. Only two rooms welcome travelers intrigued by this ancient 18th century house, inhabited by a heterogeneous, mystical and unique decoration. Like its owner, the house plays with the past and retraces history in its diversity. Guided tour of an unusual place in London, where staying is like going back in time.

A spontaneous mix in decoration

Paola Russo In the house, the eye continues to be drawn here and there. Statuettes, furniture and objects of all kinds accumulate in every corner. If there is not really a guideline in the decoration, if it is not spontaneity and a strong connection to the past, the mixture operated is nonetheless very successful. Indeed, the owner of the premises, David Carter, is also a renowned interior decorator in the United Kingdom.

The double room

Melissa Gidney The double room contrasts with the dark and mysterious looks of the rest of the hotel. We like its three large so British windows which bathe the room with light and the whitewashed parquet floor which enlarges the space. The white bed linen mixes the materials and is enhanced with colorful and discreet notes when the lights, vintage and mismatched, finish setting up a unique atmosphere.

The space of one night

Melissa Gidney In the large, bright double bedroom, we also like the layout of the space, which is both refined and personalized. From the bed, you can see the fireplace, the old trunks and the dressing table. Here, no corner, no separation, but a depth that offers an airy and inspiring place.

The single: charm and tranquility

40Winks The house also offers a single room, a sort of soothing cocoon in which to find yourself for a night. The colors, as in the double, play the light tones. Stylized wallpaper with tone-on-tone bird motifs once again personalizes this unique bedroom.

The bathroom: a golden setting

Melissa Gidney The bathroom, bathed in gold and fine materials, is shared between the two rooms of the hotel. We fall for this magnificent old-style bathtub on legs, painted black, and for the atmosphere that reigns there, of rare elegance.

Unique mix and match in London

Melissa Gidney In the living room, we find this desire for spontaneity. A pompoms chandelier invites itself alongside stylish armchairs and a masterful fireplace. Colors blend in subtlety and the marriage of genres is once again mastered and completely new.

Tea time in the kitchen

40Winks We love this huge kitchen, in the baroque and rococo style. The alliance of styles, eras and colors makes it an atypical, warm piece, in which every detail finds its place. It is here that you can also spend an extraordinary tea time by chatting with the owner, always there to make his overnight guests discover his world with passion.

Curiosity micro-cabinets

40Winks If the decor is spontaneous, the staging is worked throughout the house. The owner-decorator pays homage to the past and paints a portrait through the smallest details. These successions of micro-architectures become cabinets of curiosity to discover as you stroll through this timeless place.

An owner who makes the hotel

Marc Rogoff The owner lives in the house, which has three bedrooms. Eccentric, wacky and historic, his room is in his image. He even chose to install this 17th century bed in which we sleep seated.