20 DIY wedding urns

20 DIY wedding urns

Contrary to the traditional wedding list, many future brides and grooms now decide to install, on D-Day, a wedding urn to collect the little words and gifts from their guests. But, to encourage your guests to participate in the costs invested for the organization of the happiest day of your life, it is still necessary to highlight this piggy bank. To help you in this task and thus organize your wedding well, the editorial team invites you to discover 20 urns at a low price, to do yourself.


Brides of Adelaide In the same spirit, a mailbox with a sweet scent of yesteryear will be ideal for collecting envelopes and other little words from your guests. All the more so if you have chosen a wedding theme on the trip. Source: Marriage

A mailbox with the names of the bride and groom

M&J photography You can also push the idea even further by personalizing the ballot box / mailbox with the names of the bride and groom. Another style for an equally delicate result! Source: One fine day

Slot machine

One fine day A Las Vegas-inspired wedding? Take out the great game and make your own slot machine by following step by step the tutorial below. On your marks, ready… let's go! Source: One fine day

A globe

One fine day You can also make your guests travel by making an urn in the shape of a terrestrial globe. Cover the entire globe with a simple brush, then add decorative patterns and some indications to the golden felt. You just have to admire the result! Source: One fine day

A bird cage

Ils & Elles Photography The bird cage: a great classic! Delicate and feminine, it will blend harmoniously with a romantic wedding decor. The must: personalize the piggy bank with the first names of the bride and groom using a sheet of paper and a pretty ribbon. Source: Weddings

A custom vase

Brian Tropiano Photography A vase customized with rope? Here is the good idea for a decorative wedding urn, at a reduced price. Source: United with love

A personalized wooden crate

Not on the high street Nothing like a wooden crate turned into an XXL piggy bank to illustrate a rustic or country wedding theme. For more effect, do not hesitate to engrave your two first names and the date of the event. Source: Weddings

A printed canvas bag

The Ines workshop On the same theme, a simple canvas bag can be used to collect envelopes and gifts from your guests. Don't forget to personalize it, for more effects! Source: To have and to hire weddings

A musical urn

Callaway Gable Get two boxes of the shape and size of your choice that you can stack on top of each other. Make a slit to slide the envelopes over the lid of the upper box. Dress your two boxes with musical paper and tie a big flower ... and that's the job! Source: Marriage

A miniature house

Love Bucket Photo A small house model traditionally used as a mailbox: here is a container that is perfectly suited! You can customize it with a small "just married" banner, with an insert with your two first names. And, if your wedding takes place during the Christmas period, a miniature wreath. Guaranteed effect! Source: Marriage

An exotic urn

Dju nails Planning to spend your honeymoon on a paradise island or your wedding takes place on the beach? We have the perfect ballot box! Get a shoebox, make a hole in the cover. Then cover it in places with blue paint to materialize the sea and the sand. You just have two deckchairs and a coconut palm that you will shop in the store. Amazing isn't it? Source: Dju nails

An elegant wedding urn

Badaboum Okay, we grant you it is not here a urn to make, however, you can completely be inspired by this model to make your own piggy bank. It could not be easier. Just cover it with white paper! Also think of adding pretty satin ribbons or decoration stickers. Source: Badaboum

Pretty photos

Michael Chadwick Photography Transforming an ordinary wedding urn into a personalized piggy bank is possible and at a lower cost! The good idea: customize it using photographs of the bride and groom. We put our hand to cut that it will have its little effect with your guests. Source: Bridal guide

A rustic box

Candy cake weddings This is a wedding urn full of character that you can also easily reproduce. Bring a box of the size and shape of your choice, make a slit on the lid of your container. Finally, cover your box with a beige fabric, lace and rope ... And here is an urn full of character for your rustic chic wedding. Source: Candy cake weddings

A mobile piggy bank

Jen Rodriguez At the editorial office, we literally fell in love with this wedding urn to be transported, made using a heart-shaped box, white and gold crepe paper and an orange ribbon. Source: Style me pretty

A pinata version shoe box

Ela poppies If you run out of time, a shoe box covered with tissue paper in several colors can also easily do the trick. Source: Ela poppies

An elegant pinata

The knot Create a pinata in the shape of a bouquet of flowers for the day of your wedding, here is a good idea that we do not hesitate to appropriate. Want to take the plunge? Do not hesitate to take a look at the tutorial offered by the Pasion Mexicana site. In addition to being part of the animation of the wedding, it will become a decorative element in its own right! Source: The knot - Tutorial: Pasion mexicana

Tree trunk version

Brit Finally, the most DIYers and those skilled in their hand can indulge in this natural wedding urn as desired. Simple but frighteningly effective! Source: Hasnae

In pastel version

Beautiful photography Another variation, the pastel with this urn made from 3 cardboard suitcases repainted in 3 different colors. Create a slit at the top so that the envelopes fall and remember to add the first letter of your first names. Source: Weddings