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10 ideas for shade in the garden

10 ideas for shade in the garden

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When the sun gets too strong in the garden, it is necessary to shade certain parts in order to be able to make the most of the outdoor spaces. For this, we invite you to discover 10 solutions that combine practicality and aesthetics.

A covered terrace

Seasons Similarly, you can bet on a covered terrace which will protect this part of your garden all year round so that you can enjoy it even when it rains. Do not hesitate to play with this feature to create a very decorative space in your garden.

A custom parasol

Shade decor Often the umbrellas do not really adapt to your needs because they are difficult to handle and do not really adapt to the orientation of the sun. To remedy this, you will find much larger and articulated umbrellas that allow shade in almost all configurations.

A canvas that leaves the facade

Dickson To provide shade on your terrace but also to refresh your interior by preventing the sun from entering through the windows, you can opt for a canvas that leaves your house up to two pillars at the end of the terrace.

A blind on the facade

Dickson To shade the terrace when necessary, you can fix a blind on the height of your facade. You will be able to deploy it to provide shade if the terrace or the interior of the house is too exposed.

Design canopies

Dickson To shade your door and create a kind of awning, you can play the design card by opting for canopies that you will choose in very graphic rectangular shapes and in trendy colors like red and gray.

A pergola by the pool

Hesperide For a little shade by the pool, you can choose a pergola that will create a relaxation area in your garden. We put on a model whose curtain is removable to make the most of the sun when necessary.

A sail between two trees

Leroy Merlin In the green garden, you can count on the trees to serve as a hook for a canvas that will shade part of the garden while still being very aesthetic.

A blind that lets in light

Dickson When choosing your fabric, remember to bet on a clear model that will allow you to keep a good light even when it is fully extended.

A polka dot blind

If you choose a blind or other shade to shade your terrace or in your garden, you will have the possibility to choose your fabric and thus coordinate it with the accessories like here with the peas which are found on the blind and the cushions.


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