10 hallway kitchens that make you want

10 hallway kitchens that make you want

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Often perceived as a constraint, to arrange a kitchen in a corridor is however a beautiful challenge that many owners of small interiors or Haussmann apartments decide to take up. However, the layout of the hallway kitchen, a small and often narrow space, is not as obvious as it seems. Type of layout and dimensions of the furniture, choice of colors, tips for breaking the corridor effect or, on the contrary, assuming it…, these are all parameters that it is important to take into account for a practical, aesthetic and functional hallway kitchen. To help you in this task, the editorial team invites you to discover its few avenues.

Linear layout

Mobalpa To optimize the space of this small, long kitchen, the Mobalpa kitchen designer has chosen to bring all the stations together on the same shelf and use the opposite wall by attaching a table at height, ideal for small children. lunches or meals on the go. An L-shaped kitchen as practical as it is aesthetic!

Visually lighten the space

Shijiee The smaller and narrower the kitchen, the more important it is to play with the full and empty space so as not to saturate the space. As for storage, favor hanging elements, light and airy, over cabinet blocks which tend to weigh down the room and create a feeling of suffocation. See rather! Source: Shijiee

In parallel

Martin / Airbnb You can also bet on the arrangement called "double L" by exploiting the length and the height of the two main walls. If this solution optimizes the storage volume, it also offers the possibility of creating differentiated activity areas. Its drawback: the lack of a dedicated dining area and sometimes a feeling of suffocation. Source: Airbnb

Attract attention

Richard Nourry To make you forget the narrowness of a space or its somewhat atypical side, it is often important to focus your gaze on another element of the room. In this immaculate kitchen, the trick found was to install a row of orange-colored light fixtures above the worktop that catch the eye and give space to the dining area. Source: Richard Nourry

Make way for natural colors

Stephen Clément Another solution: visually enlarge this space by focusing on light and natural shades. And, if like here, your long kitchen is medium in size, you can opt for a darker coating that will personalize the space and create a feeling of depth and volume. Source: I love the decor

Purify space

KML Design Finally, to properly arrange your hallway kitchen, it is essential to arrange it harmoniously by favoring one or two models of refined furniture, at most, and not a jumble of heterogeneous furniture that would make this space cluttered and little aesthetic. Source: Desire to inspire

Optimizing the brightness

Agence Sébastien Marcok Corridors are often blind spaces, if this is the case for your hallway kitchen, consider installing a canopy to bring it real brightness and a unique style. Source: Your plan

The decorative aspect

The poetic house In a double L kitchen, it is possible to accentuate the decorative effect by highlighting the corridor effect using pretty cement tiles. You can also take on this effect by opting for a black and white checkered effect tile in the shape of a modern carpet. Source: The poetic house

Solution for small spaces

Romain Chesnel Finally, we love this little kitchen located in the entrance. Isolated graphically thanks to the work plan with workshop canopy, it really has everything good. Source:


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