How to integrate storage in your toilet?

How to integrate storage in your toilet?

Unless we live in a palace where each room is completely oversized, our toilets are often tiny. When you have so little space, arranging storage space can be a real challenge. For you, we have searched and selected 10 cool and design ideas.

Storage and decoration at the same time

Etsy / AntGL Combining business with pleasure is always a plus when it comes to interior design. This also applies to your WC. For a touch of fun, opt for this sheep-shaped toilet paper storage.

The all-in-one

Uk Bathroom Guru Multipurpose furniture is not limited to the sofa beds found in every living room. Clever, they can allow you to save storage space in your WC. Take a closer look at this pretty basin unit that frames the toilet and allows you to have a small storage cupboard available. Source: Uk Bathroom Guru {rel = "nofollow"}

Install only shallow furniture

Complete Concept The secret when you want to integrate storage in a small room like the toilet is to install only shallow furniture. These cramped toilets can thus benefit from a cupboard with basin as well as a mirror with storage. Source: Complete Concept

Minimize space taken up by toilets

Roca It's pure logic. The less space your toilets take up, the more space will be available. Opt for these toilets with hand basin from the Roca brand and you will be able to more easily install your small cupboards and other shelves.

Use the length of the part

Int2architecture If they are generally small, toilets are also often quirky. If yours are very long, opt for narrow shelves installed on the sides of the room.

Use every corner

Woodways To be able to integrate storage units in very small toilets, you have to make every effort to use every corner available, as here with this ladder-shaped shelf slid between the toilet and the wall.

Two-in-one toilets

Alexandre's baths Here, all the space behind and above the toilets was used. Imagined by Les Bains d'Alexandre, these toilets have a storage cupboard located above the washbasin which is itself integrated into the toilet.

A shelf above the door

My So Called Home Lack of space, be resourceful and find space where there is none. You can for example attach a small shelf just above the door of your toilet to store toilet paper and other small things. Source: My so called home

Multiple small shelves

Etsy / Case Concept If the floor space is definitely unusable, consider wall storage. Here, the space above the toilet paper dispenser has been fully exploited.