10 decorative and ecological brands

10 decorative and ecological brands

If having an ecological home is one of your concerns, it is important to invest in eco-responsible furniture. But where is furniture and decorative items that respect the environment? Here is our selection of addresses where you can consume green and decorative items.


Cocobohême When respect for the environment and whimsical universe meet, it gives Cocobohême. You can find, for example, lampshades and potato starch trays or reusable and compostable bibs.

Nature Blue

Bleu Nature If Bleu Nature does not have the eco-label, it nevertheless has many criteria. Stools made with wooden logs, imagined driftwood towel holders. Eco-responsible Bleu Nature!

O Nature

Ô Nature Ô Nature has chosen an inexhaustible natural material to make its canapes: the water hyacinth, which once braided, has real decorative potential. The cushions are filled with ecological foam made from soy.


Orika Once thought, worked, cut, assembled, cardboard turns into furniture, and Orika has made it its specialty. Nice cardboard armchair to bring a little originality in the living room, don't you think?


¿Adónde? All of Laurent Serin and Javier Gutiérrez Carcache's creations combine playfulness and modularity. Their little extra? The choice of eco-friendly materials such as non-polluting sandstone, recycled cardboard, stainless steel or even wood from local and sustainably managed forests.

Ecolo Addict

Ecolo Addict All the cottons used by Ecolo Addict are produced in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. As for the jacquards, embroideries and designs, they are made from linen and vegetable colors.


Ekobo A pioneer in eco design since its creation in 2003, Ekobo is an eco-citizen company that designs contemporary objects from a renewable natural resource: bamboo. Seating, lamps or dishes are perfectly suited.


Muskhane Sweet, poetic, colorful and ecological universe, welcome to Muskhane. Each decorative object is made with natural and renewable felt which has the advantage of being an anallergic fiber. Nepalese art rich in color is at the rendezvous.

Color Hemp

Couleur Chanvre In order for hemp to retain all of its naturalness, Couleur Chanvre uses artisanal methods to make its products, using old looms adapted to the work of this natural fiber. Each cushion and each bedspread then becomes creations that respect the environment.