Arbors and pergolas ensure your comfort in the garden

Arbors and pergolas ensure your comfort in the garden

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To take advantage of the garden or the terrace when the sun is shining too much or when the weather is a little less mild, you can equip yourself with an arbor or a pergola which will house your garden furniture. We have selected 10 to inspire you before making your choice!

An arbor to demarcate the terrace

Leroy Merlin If your terrace is not attached to your house, you can then offer yourself an arbor which will allow you not only to delimit the terrace space but also to provide shade when necessary.

A pergola to shelter a terrace

Leroy Merlin Thanks to this pergola which follows the terrace around the house, you can enjoy the outdoor space even in the event of a small downpour as it offers you a roof which allows you to install an outdoor kitchen sheltered from the wind and rain.

An arbor to unfold

Leroy Merlin To quickly install a shade veil on your terrace, this arbor is easily mounted and you can simply attach a veil that will create shade on your table.

A pergola to be modulated

Lapeyre If your terrace is mainly dedicated to relaxation, you will opt for a pergola with a modular roof in order to more or less pass the sun for your tanning sessions.

A pergola by the pool

Hesperide To dress the edges of your pool and create a lounge for relaxation after swimming, you can install a freestanding pergola which will create a corner of shade where to bask when the sun beats too strong.

A pergola with a removable roof

Ideea Terrasse The pergola of this terrace can shelter you from downpours thanks to its hard roof and prevent the sun's rays from passing but if you want to sunbathe, no problem because the panels are removable.

A green pergola

Fermob To give your pergola a natural look, do not hesitate to cover it with vegetation. You can use ivy, vine or even a rose bush for this and you will just have to be patient to get a nice plant cover.

A wooden pergola

Sun & Vela If you opt for a wooden pergola, you can mix a space that will act as a roof and an open space with simply beams that will create shade.

A pergola to make the most of

Leroy Merlin With this pergola, you will make the most of your terrace thanks to side panels which will allow you to close the terrace to protect yourself from the wind and thus enjoy your terrace as much as you want.