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Nature inspires garden furniture and accessories

Nature inspires garden furniture and accessories

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Nature is a treasure that should be honored. It is this trend that we find this season in the garden. This 2013 selection draws its influences from the sea, the jungle and the seasons. Seating, candlesticks, candle holders, lights, dishes and furniture take place in the garden and make the green vibrate to the rhythm of the colors of the rainbow.

Seated leaves

Germain Bourre Nature also inspires furniture. This small side table in the shape of a water lily blends into the decor, only its pastel color reminds us that it is there, ready to serve us!

Graphic jungle

SIA A real breath of fresh air invades the "graphic jungle" collection. Here we mix the exuberance of the jungle with the graphic rigor of the lines. Natural materials tactfully rub shoulders with the colors drawn from this abundant nature.

In the shade of the vegetation

SIA XXL Pots, disproportionate plants, wooden furniture, tableware with sculptural forms invite decoration into a new world that will take you on a journey to distant lands.

Happy colors

SIA It's an explosion of colors that we find in this trend. Poppy red or hibiscus, Bougainvillea pink, turquoise blue rub shoulders with decorative accessories. A chromatic cocktail always welcome during sunny days.

Celebrate color at the table

SIA The accessories for the garden are brightened up with acid colors to bring out the green of the vegetation. A trend to adopt to wake up small spaces.

A colorful hide and seek

SIA Why not hide in the recesses of the garden vases, candle jars or lanterns that will be discovered in the sandstone of your strolls. A way to dramatize the garden in fine weather.

Marine stripes revisited

Private garden The marine spirit moored in the garden. The famous navy blue stripes are diverted in favor of color. Violets, turquoise blue, water green, red and taupe they set the tone for the garden.