A 36 m² Parisian setting with an eclectic decoration

A 36 m² Parisian setting with an eclectic decoration

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It is in the heart of Paris, in the 11th arrondissement, that the architects Carla Lopez and Margaux Meza of the architectural agency Transition Interior Design have reinvented this dark and very partitioned apartment of 36 m². By decongesting the space and combining styles and influences with taste, the apartment has been transformed into a warm, light and airy cocoon.

Between vintage spirit and Scandinavian style

Meero In the lounge area, the duo of architects gave a warm dimension to the space by opting for vintage furniture and Scandinavian inspiration. This is evidenced by the antique furniture, the Scandinavian retro coffee tables and the Eames RKR seat.

Charming library

Meero Spotlight on this magnificent library, a retro touch that echoes the TV stand and the coffee tables in the living room area.

A functional kitchen

Meero Formerly dark and partitioned, the kitchen has been transformed into a spacious and bright space. Open to the living room, it consists of Ikea wooden box furniture and a large work surface.

Marriage of styles

Meero Every corner of the kitchen evokes the innumerable influences and interests of the couple. The industrial touch is brought by high chairs and copper light fixtures. White gives a contemporary look to the kitchen while blond wood evokes the Scandinavian style. The retro atmosphere is maintained by the graphic splashback and the Smeg appliance.

A canopy to delimit the space

Meero The charming asset of the apartment: this pretty workshop canopy. Made to measure, it brings light and strengthens the loft spirit of the living room.

In complete privacy

Meero Installed on the canopy, inside the bedroom, curtains make the two spaces intimate.

Loft spirit

Meero Inspired by New York lofts, the bedroom has been clad in a brick facing wall. Bleached, the latter gives character to the room without denoting with the rest of the decoration.

An immaculate bathroom

Meero In the bathroom, there is a refined decor where white predominates. Aztec baskets and a very graphic white mosaic installed on the floor and on the walls enhance the whole.

Originality underfoot

Meero The toilets adopt a resolutely vintage and furiously trendy style: white lamp and old-fashioned mirror, wooden planks on the walls and graphic cement tiles on the floor. More info on


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