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The Grene sisters present their 2016 collection

The Grene sisters present their 2016 collection

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Inspired by the light house of their artist friend Oleg Knudsen, Anna and Clara, the Grene sisters, have created a 2016 collection in which art, color and materials take pride of place. Through objects with 60's and 70's inspirations, they bring proposals in which everyone can find their style. This year, we are mixing, combining and mismatching! The idea is to create an interior that reflects his personality and his desires. Focus on our 10 favorite new arrivals from the Grene Sisters.

Art is life!

Soeurs Grene The watchword of the season for the Soeurs Grene is to bring art into the house. Friend of the two sisters, the artist Ole Knudsen created seven prints, sold in frames in seven different formats. We take the opportunity to build an arty chic wall, colorful or black and white, in the hallway or on a living room wall with these very elegant oak frames. A great idea to create a hyper worked atmosphere without breaking the bank. * Frames with prints: from 2.79 € to 20.73 € *

The summer tote bag

Soeurs Grene With the arrival of the sun, we opt for canvas bags in the beach bag style, the leather detail of the handle in addition. We love the mix of materials and the fresh and sparkling colors of this tote bag to adopt now for a seaside spirit in town. * Tote bag: 4.32 € *

Stylize your living room with a wall lamp

Soeurs Grene New for the season, the sconces invented by the Grene sisters become touches of color, graphics and vintage, to bring everywhere in the house. With their articulated arm, we create beams of light to magnify the space. We fall for the fifties colors that brighten up the walls, especially the orange. * Wall lamp: 34.68 € *

Glass and pastel: the winning duo

Sœurs Grene For a table always set with delicacy, we opt for these candlesticks which bet on the association of glass and pastel colors. We mix the heights to create volume, in a monochrome atmosphere or not. A bright detail! * Glass candle holder: from 0.56 € *

Scandinavian design and deep colors

Sisters Grene Design typically Scandinavian for these chairs with soft and refined forms. We love the colors chosen by the sisters, deep and vibrant, which highlight the design of the oak legs. For a more graphic rendering, we dare to mix the colors around the table. * Chair: 39 € *

The elegance of marble is priceless

Sœurs Grene Marble invites itself into touch with this side table with a very refined design thanks to a tubular metal structure. The material, the color: everything is there, even the price. A room of choice to dress an entry or accessorize a living room. * Side table with marble top: € 46.90 *

Wicker baskets… quite simply!

Grene sisters The baskets are trendy in 2016. The Grene sisters opt for a nice basketry work with these wicker baskets of different sizes, which we transform into elegant planters, why not hang on the wall. Ideal for a natural and vegetal decor but always chic. * Wicker basket, different sizes: from 3.98 € *

Twentieth century design atmosphere for the lights

Sœurs Grene Lighting is also in the spotlight in the new 2016 collection. We love this very drawn table lamp, inspired by design from the 1950s. The alliance of brass and the black metal lampshade imposes in chic detail in the house ... for less than 30 €! * Table lamp: 23.98 € *

The carpets are displayed on the wall

Sisters Grene This year, we are playing textiles there we are not expecting it. Hanging on the wall, this woven Moroccan rug will look great. Combined with typically Scandinavian oak furniture, it brings a touch of pictorial color to a white wall. * Moroccan carpet small model 9.98 € Moroccan carpet large model: 16.49 € Side table diam.40cm: 34.44 € Side table diam.50cm: 54.88 € *