DIY ideas to customize your furniture handles

DIY ideas to customize your furniture handles

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Is your furniture lacking in luster? Do you want to renew the decoration of your room inexpensively or simply adapt it to one of the current trends? The solution: customize the handles of your furniture. To help you in this task, the editorial staff has selected 10 DIY easy and quick to make that will allow you to give a second breath to your furniture.

A golden handle

Vanessa Pouzet

Nothing like pretty handles painted in white and gold to give a shine to a piece of furniture and boost the decoration of our room. The decor idea: mix the patterns for a very graphic effect. More info on this DIY: Vanessa Pouzet

Handles in the shape of an animal head

At home in love

With a little paint and a good dose of imagination, you will quickly be able to transform vulgar wooden balls into adorable handles for the bedroom of your blond head. More info on this DIY: Sugar & Cloth

Pompom handles

Sanna & Sania

Wool pompoms have the chic to brighten up and give personality to a piece of furniture that is a little too bland. Armed with threads and needles, we therefore do not hesitate to embark on the making of its vitaminized handles which will undoubtedly bring the final touch to your decoration. More info on this DIY: Sanna & Sania

A tape-shaped handle

Constated Cabral

Swap your traditional handles against a model designed using a tape measure for a vintage atmosphere. More info on this DIY: Saidos da concha

Leather handle

Looks and houses

You don't know what to do with your leather straps? Bring your DIY materials: cutter, punch, ruler and cutter and create unique handles for your furniture. More info on this DIY: Looks and houses

Copper handles

Caracteri Elle

Do you want to subtly invite copper into your interior? Laure from the Caracteri blog She shows you in her tutorial how you can use copper pipes, copper caps, pipe clips and copper spray paint to make very trendy handles. More info on this DIY: Caracteri Elle

Rope handles

The lettered cottage

Do not throw your pieces of rope away, they could well help you make seaside-style furniture handles at a lower cost. More info on this DIY: The lettered cottage

A pearl handle

Sarah M Dorsey designs

You don't have to be a DIY expert to make these handles. Just pass your beads through a wire and voila. More info on this DIY: Sarah M Dorsey designs

An industrial handle

Lansdowne life

Divert nuts, screws and other washers from their original use and assemble them to form a drawer handle. Here is an original idea to bring, at a lower cost, an industrial touch to its interior. More info on this DIY: Lansdowne life