Babies' wardrobe is on the wall!

Babies' wardrobe is on the wall!

Who can resist sleeping bags, bodysuits, overalls and dresses for newborns? Person ! It is for this same reason that their wardrobe has every interest in emancipating itself from the cupboards in order to regain ... the walls. Because on hangers themselves hanging on coat hooks, it becomes a decorative accessory in its own right. We love it!


AM.PM Before becoming a fetish, the first garment knitted by grandmother may well find a place on the walls. The goal: to charm, with its cottony handmade aspect, the verticality of the decor… An original decorative touch called "tenderness".


Ikea Even tights have their place on the wall! It remains to hang them delicately on a decorative hanger.

Sleeping bags

Vertbaudet The most beautiful baby sleeping bags have to show off to stand out. The idea to grab: swap the traditional hangers for pieces of driftwood to hang on the hooks with colored strings.


Ikea At the foot of the cradle, two short-sleeved shirts await baby's awakening…


Ferm Living Installed in pretty fabric bags themselves hanging from a coat rack, baby's underwear makes the wall beautiful!


Cocobohème A baby mouse wearing the baby's summer dress: this is a chewable effect! Result: we vote without restraint for animal hangers!


Ikéa And hop, hanging on the handle of the wardrobe, the baby pajamas (which moreover, match the colors of the room) decorate while remaining close at hand!


Ikéa Next to the changing table, the baby's bodysuits take part in the wall decoration while waiting to be worn!


AM.PM Attached to a coat hook in the shape of a birdhouse, this sleeping bag adopts a poetic staging…