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Spotlight on Cuisinella's new products for 2016

Spotlight on Cuisinella's new products for 2016

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In 2016, Cuisinella offers you innovative and ergonomic models of kitchens, hidden and ingenious storage, as well as modern and comfortable bathrooms. The rooms are adorned with new colors to put on the walls, but also original materials that you will not see in your neighbors. Follow the guide !

We dare concrete even in the kitchen

Cuisinella In the same spirit as the previous bathroom, the Label kitchen is also made with two concrete colors. This gives a mineral and minimalist style to the room, which goes perfectly with the wooden table, Scandinavian style chairs and open storage. * Price: from 2,613 euros *

Colorful storage

Cuisinella Do you think that the storage elements can only be unsightly? Well think again! This Systéma set fully participates in the atmosphere of the room thanks to its various pop and acid colors that you can arrange as you wish. You can install it wherever you want, in your living room but also in a bedroom or in a dressing room. * Price: 3,499 euros *

Kitchen elements without handles

Cuisinella This is THE trend of the moment in the kitchen: having cupboards without handles! Cuisinella understands this and offers designer and refined storage elements in her Lenna kitchen. The latter also has a sliding storage to save more space and be able to store your robots and other fairly large household appliances. * Price: from 189 euros *

Rififi in the kitchen

Cuisinella The Véga kitchen is not a new model of the brand but, for 2016, it has a new look with a new Winoka finish. This wooden decor, available on the front, on certain elements but also on the work surface, gives a warm style to the room, yet very modern. * Price: from 1,786 euros *

Do not leave your TV stand

Cuisinella In the living room, the TV cabinet is sometimes set aside a bit in the decor. while you still spend several hours a day watching TV and it would be a shame not to have an ideal atmosphere to see a good family movie! This Themis module has a very unstructured design, which allows multiple combinations to never tire of your furniture while hiding unsightly cables. * Price: 1,029 euros *

An elegant bathroom

Cuisinella On the bathroom side, Cuisinella offers sleek installations that are not without storage, like this Trend model, in the Oak Honey color. The little extra? The mirrors that enlarge the room and the scale used as a towel rack. Install this bathroom next to a bedroom and a dressing room to create a cozy master bedroom. * Price: from 810 euros *

Color in the kitchen

Cuisinella The Square facades of the kitchen designer are available in twelve colors and will harmonize very well in a classic room as in a more modern universe. Consider combining flashy colors with more neutral colors, like this white lacquer, to vary between closed storage and open shelves. To enlarge the space, a glass table, such as this Glam model at 949 euros, is ideal. * Price: from 3,192 euros *

A wooden kitchen

Cuisinella The TREND + kitchen is made of wood but also with a new color, the Cranberry. The layout of the room is very optimized, especially with the tall element for microwaves, which will save you space on your central island and your worktop. With its lift door, which opens by sliding upwards, your small household appliances will no longer invade your shelves but will be sheltered in closed storage. * Price: from 2,511 euros *

A custom wooden dressing room

Cuisinella Cuisinella offers a new range of storage, called "Les Intemporels". There are many storage solutions for your wardrobe to help you find the one (s) that best meet your needs and desires. It's up to you to choose the custom dressing layout to pamper your outfits!


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