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The tiles you need in your decor!

The tiles you need in your decor!

This season keep up! The decor offers a graphic style and adopts tiles in all its forms. Scottish, checkerboard, colorful and textured, they structure your style and interfere with cushions, carpet, tiles and wallpaper.

The traditional Scottish motif is illustrated on the cushions

Chic Cham The famous red Scottish tile fits into the decor for a cozy atmosphere in British style.

Brown scottish tiles on bed linen

Ikea Definitely a wind from Scotland is blowing on the decor. This time it is in the bedroom that it is illustrated with Scottish bed linen in brown variations.

A checkered effect with black and white tiles in the garden

Ikea The famous black and white checkered pattern, which was Andrée Putman's signature, is back on the scene. Here it combines with black and white stripes for a set of very graphic patterns.

Yellow scottish tiles on the carpet

Saint Maclou-Stella Cadente The tartan motif has been reviewed and corrected by the designer Stella Cadente for Saint Maclou. A reinterpretation that energizes the ground.

Textured squares for the headboard

Cuir au Carré Create a headboard from square tiles. Easy to put on the wall with their self-adhesive side, they are perfect for a sophisticated and trendy atmosphere.

3D tiles on the floor

Saint Maclou Watch your eyes! Cement tiles were born in 1850, today in porcelain stoneware, they are an original way of dressing the floor and creating decors that do not lack volume!

Earthenware tiles on the wallpaper

Christian Lacroix Maison And why not earthenware tiles on the wall? In an Andalusian patio spirit, here is a trompe l'oeil wallpaper by Christian Lacroix Maison for Designers Guild, which will make all of Spain resonate in your interior.

A black and white tartan effect on carpets

Chic Cham The floor is also covered with tiles, but this time on the carpets. It goes off the beaten track while reinforcing the classic spirit of the place.

Stylized tiles on the wallpaper

Graham and Brown wallpaper You find that the tiles in the decor are too graphic, here is another way to understand them. It is in a more stylized version that you will be able to appreciate them with this wallpaper.