Truffaut: summer collection 2016

Truffaut: summer collection 2016

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A real room in the house, the garden is now furnished and decorated like the living room or the dining room. Truffaut has understood this and offers a new collection of furniture that combines functionality and design thought to live in the garden. Discover the editorial favorites for the 2016 summer season in pictures.

A real garden lounge

Truffaut The qualities of your living room? Spacious and comfortable to accommodate family and friends. With this XXL sofa that can accommodate up to twelve people, your garden now has the same qualities. On the design side, the clean lines appeal to contemporary exteriors. Sofa: € 3,999.95

A dinner table

Truffaut Same XXL dimensions for this original design dining table: a ceramic top with a teak extension for a skillful mix of materials. As for the striped armchairs, they add a graphic note to the whole and offer perfect comfort to the guests. Table: € 2,999.95 Armchair: € 379.95

Scandinavian countryside

Truffaut To combine design and practicality, the Tube range offers table and seats in a style that is both clean and warm. The white aluminum base thus enhances the teak of the tray and the seats for a Scandinavian spirit that will find its place on designer terraces as well as in a garden in the countryside. Table: € 599.95 Chair: € 119.95 Armchair: € 139.95

Lounge and aperitif

Truffaut How to adapt your garden according to the time of day? By opting for modular furniture that will allow you to go from the deckchair for tanning afternoons to the garden furniture for the aperitif thanks to reclining backrests in several positions. Garden furniture: € 1,199.95

Design inspiration 50

Truffaut Didn't you miss the 50's trend and its rounded lines? Opt for this very design garden furniture which is inspired by the classic lines of this era. Wooden legs and white top: the winning duo! Armchair: € 1995.95 Sofa: € 2999.95 Table € 469.95, € 649.95 and € 1199.90 Cushion: € 179.95

Design and friendliness

Truffaut For moments of sharing around a meal outside, Truffaut has a few tips: an ice cube tray in the center of the table to keep drinks cold, benches around for more conviviality and cushions for the comfort of all. Table: € 2,599.95 Armchair: € 399.95 Bench: € 1,099 Cushion for bench: € 79.95 Backrest: € 599.95 Stool: € 499.95 Ice cube tray: € 289.95

Sculptural furniture

Truffaut This garden table plays the design card with a daring base mixed with contemporary materials. A must to install by the pool or on an urban terrace. Round base: € 399.95 Round table top: € 399.95 Armchair: € 379.95

Mixture of materials

Truffaut An aluminum base and a textilene seat for this low garden furniture with ultra-design curved lines. A contemporary result ideal for a terrace. Armchair: € 249.95 Sofa: € 449 Footstool: € 249.90 Cushion: € 39.95 Coffee table: € 319.90

Design and storage

Truffaut Little space on your balcony? This garden furniture folds in on itself thanks to a design thought to fit together and take up a minimum of space. All without denying the decorative aspect thanks to original and colorful lines. Garden furniture: € 299.95


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