A glass house around a tree

A glass house around a tree

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Straight out of the fertile spirit of Kazakh architect Aibek Almassov, this astonishing tubular glass house, centered around an adult tree has something to seduce. The concept: to offer an alternative to the hectic lifestyle of large cities and to compensate for the destruction of forests by creating a dwelling that combines the capacities of modern industrial design with beauty and natural wealth. Discover this spectacular ecological house in pictures!

Beautiful transparency

A. Masow Architects Thanks to its glass structure, the tree remains visible from the outside and becomes the center of all attention.

Exceptional panorama

A. Masow Architects This special feature also allows you to enjoy a 360 ° view of the surrounding landscape, day and night.

Cozy cocoon

A. Masow Architects The structure houses real living spaces. As evidenced by this panoramic interior balcony overlooking the treetops around to live in perfect harmony with the outside environment.

A cylindrical structure

A. Masow Architects The 3D modeling reveals a small bathroom on the ground floor. The originality of the room: the shower cabin which takes the cylindrical shape of the structure of the house.

Spiral staircase

A. Masow Architects To gain adequate access to the four floors of the house, the project suggests a spiral staircase that surrounds itself around the tree to its summit.

Self-sufficient housing

A. Masow Architects The project involves the installation of transparent solar panels allowing the house to provide itself with water, electricity and heat.

Quality air

A. Masow Architects To preserve the air in the house and that of the adult tree, the project also plans to install a ventilation system on each of the floors.

New concept

A. Masow Architects If at first, the architect wanted to propose this project to the habitat, the non-existent intimacy that this house offers led him to review his copy.

A public place open to all

A. Masow Architects Now he wants to make it a public place in Almaty in Kazakhstan where to drink coffee, read a book or dine there. To make this project a reality, a fundraiser on the website was organized. To be continued !