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Castorama: focus on new garden products 2016

Castorama: focus on new garden products 2016

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For this summer 2016, Castorama presents a garden collection placed under the sign of elegant laziness. We adopt a trendy outdoor living room that is adorned with turquoise, light gray and ivory. Round shapes rub shoulders with geometric lines in a graphic game that gives pride of place to raw wood, tubular metal and rattan, very vintage. Focus on this new collection in ten images.

A terrace with pop notes

Castorama Made of wire mesh, the Blooma Chiva foldable furniture collection will be perfect for bringing life to a balcony, even a narrow one. The mandarin and shocking pink chairs mix for a sparkling effect. We like its practicality because it is foldable and we appreciate that the design does not suffer. The corner shelf will be at the top to create a plant space on a cramped outdoor space. * Table (mandarin or aqua blue): € 99 Chair (mandarin or shocking pink): € 49 *

An outdoor reading corner

Castorama Again inspired by the 70s, this egg chair with a black structure and ivory seat will become a real cocoon in the garden. Ideal for devouring your favorite novels with delight, we love its retro look as well as its comfort. * Synthetic rattan armchair: € 349 *

A designer lounge for the terrace

Castorama Super drawn, comfortable and design, we love this garden furniture which will take place on a modern and worked terrace. The combination of metal and rounded synthetic rattan hits the bull's eye! * Garden furniture (2 single elements and a two-seater sofa): € 1,065 *

A real living room… outside!

Castorama As comfortable as your living room in winter, this set will welcome the whole family on sunny days. We like the purity of the lines and the clear and soft colors, ultra bright. An ideal garden furniture if you receive a lot! * 2 seater sofa: 315 € 3 seater sofa: 495 € Set of 2 stools: 99 € Mid-high table: 189 € *

A trendy restaurant atmosphere at home

Castorama This large industrial-style table skillfully mixes teak and black metal. The chairs, with their armrests, will allow all guests to sit for a long time. Perfect for giving a trendy restaurant look to a terrace. * Kea table: € 649 Krea armchair with teak armrests: € 99 Kota black aluminum armchair: € 99 *

Perforated metal

Castorama A big trend in 2016, perforated metal is also found in the garden. With the Chiva collection, Castorama thinks of the terrace as a real outdoor living room. We rest there, we take a drink and we even work on it. A coffee table turns into a computer stand and a clever seat has an integrated end table. Graphic and functional pieces for a connected garden. * Sofa: 499 € Coffee table: 119 € *

Hymn to laziness

Castorama This lounge chair with integrated parasol is neither really a hammock nor really a sun lounger. A real call to well-being to bubble in the sun in all elegance! * Alandia hammock: € 229 *

A life-size toy for children

Castorama It is not only adults who have the right to have fun outside. Castorama also thinks of the little ones who will be able to play in this intelligent sandbox since it contains two wooden benches to rest! * Sandbox with Soulet benches: € 69.90 Curaçao beach umbrella: € 14.50 *

An extending table to invite

Castorama This aluminum table has a clean and bright design. We like its ultra-practical system which allows you to go from six to ten guests in a jiffy. The Régisseur armchairs will bring a colorful but chic note to the table. * Table: € 749 Régisseur Chair (green, light gray or anthracite): € 69 *