In detail

Children's room: long live the slate effect on the walls!

Children's room: long live the slate effect on the walls!

Writing, drawing, scribbling: so that children can freely express their creativity, nothing like a "slate" wall in their bedroom! The following slideshow presents the various possibilities allowing it to be integrated into the decor in style.

Throughout the room

AM PM Taking the side of a black decor of black is more risky but it has style! The proof in pictures with this "playroom" space in which the walls tell stories and invites you to overflow your imagination…

In colour

Decorative House If you are reluctant to black in the decor, know that the slate effect also exists in punchy versions, in red for example!

Reduced format

Ikéa Here, the slate effect on the wall is reduced to two simple rectangular stickers. An alternative to adopt the school table style without having to go through the "painting" stage.

Behind the bed (s)

Goal Two good reasons to cover the wall behind the bed with a slate effect. 1: the black color creates a feeling of depth, conducive to rest. 2: be able to draw (and alternate) a dream headboard!

Dividing the room in half

Alinéa To obtain a balanced atmosphere, this room has opted for two-tone walls: half white, half slate!

On the side

Paragraph The idea? Make the white walls predominate by choosing the smallest and least visible of them to display the "slate" effect.


Paragraph Assume the black color of the slate wall by giving it the most spacious wall in the room. For a child on the verge of adolescence, rebellious decor and rock'n'roll, this is ideal…

Enhanced with dapper furniture

Ikéa With colorful furniture and wall accessories, it's easy to boost the look of a wall painted in slate black!