10 original solutions to store your keys

10 original solutions to store your keys

"Roooh but what could I have done with it yet ..." Not finding your keys, what a sore! Who has never wasted ten minutes in the morning looking for them all over the house? While they were right there, next door. Here are 10 solutions for storing your keys: aesthetic, practical and above all more original than a simple storage compartment!

A wooden keychain

Lilaliv This elegant wooden key ring allows you to slide your keys into the slots provided for this purpose. Source: Lilaliv

Hang your keys with Lego

Felix Grauer Instant regression with this super practical Lego keychain! Source: 2tout2rien

A garage key chain

Cairo A little retro touch in the entrance with this keychain in the shape of a Combi which can be stored in its small wooden garage. Source: Cairo

A pop-colored key ring

The crafted life In the entrance, we only see this key ring in pop colors with the most beautiful effect. No more excuses to lose your keys! Source: The crafted life

A designer storage mirror

Proidee Thanks to this designer pocket mirror, you will find your keys every time, even in the morning in a hurry! Source: Proidee

An improved switch

Pixil3D This switch looks great! You can hang anything you usually lose on it, knowing that you will pass by several times a day. Source: Oddity mall

A magnetic shelf

Scoutmob More wood with this wall ledge which allows to magnetize the keyrings. Sober and chic: we love it! Source: Scoutmob

A framed unicorn

Modibulles A little dream with this unicorn-shaped key hanger that will nicely decorate your entrance. Source: A little market

Cute nest boxes

Qualy design Favorite for these small keychains: they shelter two birds which also act as whistles. You just have to hang your keys and voila! Source: Minimall