20 DIY to tidy up your kitchen

20 DIY to tidy up your kitchen

For many of us, kitchen storage is a puzzle. However, there are clever storage arrangements that make it possible to simplify daily life, without necessarily having to reorganize it from top to bottom. Practical and efficient DIY solutions for the kitchen that we invite you to discover today: storage for condiments and saucepans, compartmentalized drawers and drawer organizers, knife holders or dish towels… everything is there!

Customized kitchen jars

This little street If you do not have the possibility of having a storage drawer dedicated to spices and other condiments, store them in these pretty colored jars customized with self-adhesive letters and masking tape. An effective way to spot them quickly! More info on this DIY: This little street

Labels to print for jars

The painted hive Otherwise, you can always dress your jars with labels to print. More info on this DIY: The painted hive

Painted jars

The homes I have made To put cheerfulness on your shelves, painting will be your best ally. Do not hesitate to use it to customize your old glass jars which you no longer used. See rather! More info on this DIY: Work wonders

A decorative shelf for wine bottles

Camille styles And here's a simple idea for storing your wine bottles, rather than piling them up on your kitchen counter. On a wooden board, make holes the size of your bottles using a drill. This step done, you just have to fix your shelf to the wall and install your bottles. Smart! More info on this DIY: Camille styles

A wall-mounted wine rack

Shanty 2 chic Most DIY enthusiasts will opt for this rustic style wine bottle rack, as practical as it is decorative. Want to take the plunge? Direction the blog Shanti 2 chic to discover his tutorial. More info on this DIY: Shanty 2 chic

A very practical component

Creating really awesome free things A few strokes of paint are enough to transform a simple shutter into a storage space for the kitchen where it is good to store your cooking equipment. More info on this DIY: Creating really awesome free things

Support for cups

The DIY factory If your kitchen cupboards overflow and you feel in a creative mood, make this small support from a round cleat. File a notch large enough to accommodate the handle of the cup and screw them onto your wooden board. The less daring will swap the wooden cylinders for hooks. More info on this DIY: The DIY factory

Horizontal storage bars

Sarah Rhodes Credential bars accessorized with utensil holders: this is the good idea to sort your kitchen utensils without breaking the bank. More info on this DIY: A beautiful mess

Perforated panel storage for pots

Emma Chapman To save space in your closets, hang a pegboard against your wall and hang pots, pans and other kitchen accessories. More info on this DIY: A beautiful mess

Cases of decorative wine

The almond-shaped eyes Recovered, diverted and customized, the wine boxes are transformed in a jiffy into practical and decorative storage for the kitchen. More info on this DIY: Almond eyes

A magnetic bar for knives

Sarah hearts To store your knives economically and very convenient, bet on this magnetic wooden bar, very simple to make. More info on this DIY: Sarah hearts

A cardboard box for preserves

Then she made Cut in places and customized with decorative paper, this cardboard beer box has been transformed into an original and practical storage box for preserves. Magic ! More info on this DIY: Then she made

Magnetic boxes

EHow Install magnets on your metal boxes, place them against a metal panel and you will get storage for your kitchen accessories. Where to save space without spending too much. More info on this DIY: EHow

A drawer organizer

Jacks and kate In the kitchen, provide a tote drawer, well compartmentalized with this well thought out tutorial. You will need a slate panel and a white felt suitable for this material if you decide to get started. More info on this DIY: Jacks and kate

A compartmentalized drawer

Life in the green house A handmade wooden compartmentalized drawer is a good idea for practical and harmonious storage of drawers. More info on this DIY: Life in the green house

A nice storage bag for plastic bags

Martha Stewart A simple way to store plastic bags. Get a napkin, get your sewing equipment ... you're ready to take action! No more plastic bags scattered around the room! More info on this DIY: Martha Stewart

A hanging fruit bowl

Always rooney Saving space while storing seasonal fruits and vegetables becomes child's play if you decide to opt for this pretty pendant lamp made with wooden trays, rope and wooden beads . Gorgeous ! More info on this DIY: Always rooney

Storage on wheels for condiments

Classy cluster Ok, ok, this condiment storage unit requires good DIY skills, but it is so successful that we couldn't resist the urge to show it to you! If you have a lot of time in front of you and you are resourceful, you can easily recreate this piece of furniture by following the tutorial. Beautiful wooden planks, a few screws, casters, a DIY box and let's go! More info on this DIY: Classy cluster

Cups hanging on the cupboard

Penny wise cook Tired of taking out your cups only once a year for too short a tea time? We suggest that you enhance them a little by hanging them on this pretty, ultra-easy cup holder. More info on this DIY: Penny wise cook