Beautiful bathroom sinks for less than 150 euros

Beautiful bathroom sinks for less than 150 euros

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We all want our interior to be perfectly laid out and decorated, whatever our budget. Each room counts, especially the bathroom. It is not because one does not have an astronomical budget that one cannot arrange it with taste and style. For our small budgets, we have selected 10 beautiful basins at low prices. Good shopping !

Bet on Belgian design

MAY & MAY The asymmetry offered by this basin model, combined with chrome-plated steel fittings, would give a modern look to any bathroom. * Asymmetrical basin, ** € 94.95 ** on Amazon *

The luxury of marble at low prices

Decorative furnishing Between earthenware and marble, our heart swings. Often too expensive - this is not the case here - marble is however the object of many desires. Melt for this beautiful basin with rounded shapes. * Marble basin, ** € 129 ** at Ameublement déco *

Play the asymmetry

MAY & MAY This beautiful, very large basin is ideal for a family bathroom. Design, it will go perfectly with modern decoration. * Design washbasin, ** € 104.95 ** on Amazon *

Beautiful simplicity

Bainissimo This is a perfect sink for those looking for simplicity. Rectangular, its corners are rounded for more softness and its very affordable price. * Countertop rectangular washbasin, ** € 111.20 ** at Bainissimo *

A beautiful basin with rims

Bainissimo The widened edges of this basin will prove to be more than useful when it comes to placing a toothed glass or other bars of wet soap. A good way to preserve the cleanliness and proper maintenance of a wooden piece of furniture. * Built-in washbasin, ** € 132.30 ** at Bainissimo *

A pretty basin to hang

VidaXL Wall-hung washbasins have their charm. Choose it white and rectangular, hanging on a deep gray tiled wall. Guaranteed modern effect. * Countertop washbasin, ** € 58.99 ** on Amazon *

A large asymmetrical basin

Rue du bain In addition to the originality of its asymmetry, this basin has a very refined look. The absence of overflow gives it a very smooth and modern appearance. * Large asymmetrical basin, ** € 76.30 ** at Rue du Bain *

Marble and clean lines

Decorative furniture This pretty marble basin is reminiscent of the pebbles that we picked up on the beach when we were younger. It is therefore ideal for a house by the water or, quite simply, for those who want to get away from it by the sea. * Marble basin, ** € 118 ** at Ameublement Déco *

Oval and design at the same time

VidaXL In addition to the beautiful oval shape of this washbasin, there are a few more angular forms which give it a style that is both modern and design. * Design washbasin, ** € 61.99 ** at VidaXL *