105 m² of vintage charm in Prague

105 m² of vintage charm in Prague

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Stopover in the Czech Republic, in Prague more precisely, where Pavla Kosova, founder of the architectural firm Studio 29, undertook to renovate this 1910 apartment for a couple in their 30s. Objective of the project: to rethink the interior of this retro gem, restore it to its former splendor while preserving its traditional charm and combining it with a modern style. The result: a warm interior with a sweet vintage scent. Discover the places in pictures!

Beautiful restoration

Studio 29 An aesthetic bias, which Pavla Kosova, architect in charge of the project and Antonin's sister was keen to preserve. In the living room, for example, the ceiling moldings, which have become nonexistent through the addition of several layers of paint, have regained their splendor. The floor, once clad in linoleum, has been swapped for a model imitating the old original oak floor.

Vintage atmosphere

Studio 29 In the apartment, the couple opted for a vintage atmosphere. The space is made up of furniture from the 30s and 40s, abandoned by the previous owners, and furniture from the same era, found in antique shops.

1930s design

Studio 29 Focus on this pretty sofa from the 1930s. Restored by a professional for the occasion, he wears two purple cushions and a third with diamonds. This one wonderfully echoes the classic armchair of Czech design, created by Jindrich Halabala.

Tailor-made bookcase for vintage living room

Studio 29 The curiosity of space: this imposing library designed by Pavla. Made from painted MDF panels, it is both a storage space and a transitional space.

Curved lines

Studio 29 Located near the American kitchen, this pretty wooden dining table with curved legs is also a creation of Jindrich Halabala.

New layout for open kitchen

Studio 29 Formerly located on the north side of the apartment, the kitchen has been transferred to the large room, facing south, which benefits from a sublime projecting window. Now bright, the open kitchen has become a space where life is good.

A custom open kitchen

Studio 29 Designed by the architect, the kitchen was made of MDF panels. An inexpensive material, as easy to work as solid wood and which brings a charm to the space.

Minimalist universe

Studio 29 Zoom in on the kitchen worktop surfaces designed using high pressure laminate. A waterproof wood-colored coating that energizes this immaculate kitchen and a minimalist touch.

Retro touch

Studio 29 As was customary at the time, the bathroom is now separate from the toilet. We find the famous ceramic tiles from Rako, present in the kitchen. An aesthetic choice that gives a nice retro touch to the spaces.