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Scratches in the house: instructions for use

Scratches in the house: instructions for use

Among the essential motifs of decoration, stripes figure prominently. Whether it is with fine, thicker, colored or neutral stripes, they find their place throughout the house provided you have the right ideas to exploit them. Here are 20 inspirations for using stripes in your interior.

Vertical stripes in wallpaper

You will also find vertical stripes that you can install on your walls. By choosing this type of stripes, you will visually push the ceiling upwards to give more room to the room. So choose this type of stripes if your ceiling is a little too low.

Scratches on the carpet

If your interior is fairly neutral, do not hesitate to bring a little dynamism to the whole by choosing a delicately striped carpet in natural colors.

Stripes to highlight a passage

Very dynamic, the stripes will highlight a passage and enhance the movement of rooms such as corridors or entrances. You can accentuate this effect by choosing a carpet that installs like a path in your staircase.

Stripes discreet version

If you want to bring a graphic touch to a room while remaining discreet, you will opt for stripes in a duo of colors of the same tone. In this already graphic room with black and white, we opt for example for striped bed linen in dark colors.

The stripes on a table

If you want to bring a breath of dynamism in your interior, why not opt ​​for a wall decoration that will highlight stripes. If your interior is white, for example choose a table with multicolored stripes.

Scratches on accessories

Similarly, to energize a piece of furniture, you can opt for striped accessories that will wake up the whole room. We think for example of some striped cushions that we will place on a sofa.

Scratches on the textile

Take advantage of your textile decoration accessories to bring the stripe into your interior and energize the entire room. Think for example of the armchairs and curtains that will look great.

Scratches on furniture

Painting stripes on an old piece of furniture will instantly add a touch of modernity that will help you integrate it into your contemporary interior. You will find already painted furniture but you can also get started with brushes or tape.

Stripes on the outside

Be aware that you can also install stripes on the outside by dressing your garden furniture with textile with this pattern. Do not hesitate to use it for the mattress that you will install on your deckchairs for example.

Stripes to energize the corridor

Want to energize your corridor in sober colors? Fastoche with this carpet with pretty colorful stripes! We do not hesitate to transplant this idea for the other rooms of the house with simple decoration and a little bland.

Stripes for a more authentic look

To bring a little extra decorative touch to your room, adopt a bed end in warm and authentic fabric with its stripes in natural colors.

Unstructured stripes

What a good idea to dare a wallpaper with unstructured stripes to give a unique look to your dining room. What we particularly like are the pastel colors that soften the atmosphere while energizing it.

Scratches on the wall

Black and white stripes work best for giving a room a graphic look. What we like about this wallpaper is the use of thicker lines and thinner ones that change traditional patterns.

Stripes in a mix of cushions

Does your sofa dream of a warm and authentic look? Bet on an accumulation of cushions in gray colors. In wool, linen, with diamond or stripe prints, do not hesitate to vary the materials and styles!

Stripes to bring poetry

To bring a touch of poetry to your decor, dare the stripes in soft and romantic colors like this cushion with pink lines that soothes the atmosphere.

Mismatched stripes

Do you like stripes? Dare to mismatch them on one of the walls of the house! They are preferably chosen to be of the same size and strips of different colors are laid. Here is a setting that will not go unnoticed!

Stripes on the plaids

In this room with a royal ambiance, we add a touch of contemporary style with two plaids in black and white stripes that we install on the end of the bed.

The stripes on the carpet

To energize the bedroom, a long carpet with sober stripes: gray, white and black is installed at the end of the bed. The decorative result is stunning, don't you think?

The stripes in blue, white, red

To create a most original atmosphere in the dining room, adopt a small tent with red, white and blue stripes. And to make a reminder, accompany it with armchairs with almost identical fabric.