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Vintage break in the heart of an apartment with Nordic charm

Vintage break in the heart of an apartment with Nordic charm

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Need a good dose of change of scenery tinged with vintage decor? Direction the bohemian island of Södermalm, south of Stockholm. It is here, on the edge of a soothing lake, that a superb 48 m² apartment is ideally nestled. Between refined furnishings, old-fashioned wallpaper and decor with retro touches, everything invites a certain sweetness of life. Discover a place with a unique atmosphere.

Focus on a mottled decoration

Martin Wichardt Expertly scattered throughout the apartment, beautiful memories of China accessorize this exceptional place. Love at first sight for this old typewriter which gives a crazy cachet to the living room.

Mix-and-match patterns

Martin Wichardt Still at the show, spotlight on the successful mixture of graphic patterns. Thus firs, peas, triangles and old-fashioned map dress the cushions when an alternation of lines and zig zag sublimates the carpet.

Authentic and vintage charm on the kitchen side

Martin Wichardt The apartment's flagship piece, the kitchen adopts a resolutely vintage and furiously trendy style: cream cooking piano, pastel blue cupboard doors, floral wallpaper and, at the bottom, we guess a small dining area…

A dining area where it is good to meet

Martin Wichardt As promised, here is the dining area of ​​the apartment. As cute as it is cozy with its retro wallpaper, it offers a breathtaking view of the lake below as well as beautiful clarity.

A room like a cocoon of sweetness

Martin Wichardt In the bedroom, there is a sleeping area decorated with taste and attention to detail. A beautiful invitation to relax day and night!

Always more bargain pieces

Martin Wichardt On a small wooden bedside table found in a flea market, an elegant copper candlestick matched with a portable lamp reinforces the authentic atmosphere of the room.

A transparent white bathroom

Martin Wichardt Minimalist, bright and refined, the bathroom has been fitted out to get to the point, without neglecting the comfort of the happy inhabitants of the place.

A small terrace overlooking the lake

Martin Wichardt Imagined as an enveloping patio, the apartment's mini terrace overlooks the lake and offers a beautiful unobstructed view of the surrounding nature.

A pretty lake as a garden

Martin Wichardt From the apartment, our gaze settles on a large lake, frozen in winter, but conducive to aquatic activities in summer. An exceptional setting that leaves you dreaming…


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