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The Dôme Déco spring-summer 2016 collection

The Dôme Déco spring-summer 2016 collection

A clever combination of colors, materials and textiles, the new Dôme Déco collection for the summer season promises to be cosmopolitan with travel influences. A fresh and exotic breeze in the decor to discover in images to inspire you throughout spring and summer.

Botanical exoticism

Dôme Déco In this living room, the exotic becomes more precious with warm tones such as yellow and gold which blend perfectly with green or brown. Colored accessories are then a way of enhancing the natural tones chosen for this room.

Materials games

Decorative Dome The brand skillfully combines materials to give character to its decorative inspirations. Thus the deep blue velvet armchairs texturize the decor and display a close link with the shine of decorative accessories for a resolutely precious and trendy decor.

A sculptural decoration

Decorative Dome How to give character to any room in the house? Dôme Déco offers to integrate some large decoration accessories to give a sculptural side to your atmosphere. Some vases and pots on a large table or XXL suspensions dressed in beautiful finishes.

Tropic inspiration

Dôme Déco An office with clean lines highlighted by materials such as metal and original finishes, associated with a classic armchair in neutral tones, here is the winning combo of a chic decor with spikes of exoticism in the accessories.

Rich and passionate decor

Dôme Déco For a real feeling of comfort and conviviality, Dôme Déco relies on the opulence of materials with satin cushions, a matt sofa, a silky carpet and brilliant decorative accessories. Colors also play a key role. We adopt without hesitation this profusion of hot roses to marry with touches of blue and gold.

Between city and nature

Dôme Déco A contemporary decor where design lines combine with more natural materials such as wood. The atmosphere is exotic with lines and colors of colonial inspiration for a very warm and conducive to work.

Urban travel

Dôme Déco To skillfully mix a more urban atmosphere with exotic notes, we put on this sofa with chic and timeless lines that we combine with original leather cushions. The nesting tables structure the volume of the space and the decorative accessories bring sophistication to the whole.

Geometric lines

Dôme Déco The brand perfectly assimilates the power of geometric lines and thus offers furniture and accessories of character to mix as much as possible for a harmonious decor. Here, the lines of the furniture respond to the frames when the lamp and the more rounded pots soften the decor while retaining its graphic appearance.

Scents to enhance the decor

Dôme Déco With the interior fragrances Amoureux, Today and Dreamer, Dôme déco offers you the possibility of combining your decor with a subtle and harmonious scent that allows you to create a real identity. All while offering an original decorative accessory thanks to an elegant pot. Go to