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Over the Panoramic Colors - Volume 2, the new wallpaper collection

Over the Panoramic Colors - Volume 2, the new wallpaper collection

Majestic black and white landscapes, abstract and Art Deco works, lush nature ... Here is the successful cocktail of the second collection of panoramic decorations from the Au fil des Couleurs online store. A collection made up of 16 decorative panels, aptly named "Au fil des couleurs Panoramiques - Volume 2", which mixes styles and telescopes eras in the hope of transforming our walls into masterpieces and opening our rooms to elsewhere. Discovery in pictures!

Asian inspiration

Au fil des Couleurs Nothing like this pretty wallpaper representing a lake with its canoes surrounded by generous trees to create a captivating atmosphere, a touch of Asia, in our interiors. From a drawing in Indian ink, watercolor with a shades of delicate greens, he brings a new sparkle to the pieces he dresses. The Serpentine: 550 euros

Abstract work for modern decoration

Au fil des Couleurs Make your living room bright with this sublime colorful and graphic decorative panel representing the flight of an airplane in the light. Inspired by a painting by Robert Delaunay, it will undoubtedly appeal to art lovers. Homage to Blériot: 385 euros

Immersion in India

Au fil des Couleurs Do you dream of traveling through North India? It is now possible with this wonderful decorative panel which stages the Taj Mahal with great finesse and precision. Where to travel without moving from your sofa! Taj Mahal: 550 euros

Tutti Frutti

Au fil des Couleurs For a daily vitamin cure, choose a gourmet wallpaper. We love this very exotic model enriched with a pineapple. Pineapple: 390 euros

Cubic art makes the wall

Au fil des Couleurs Do you want to bring an artistic touch to your interior? You will inevitably fall under the spell of this decorative panel with a multifaceted face under cubic influence and African art. Inspired by a painting by Jean Lambert-Rucki, it will certainly give style and personality to your wall. The elegant ones: 315 euros

Plant motif

Au fil des Couleurs To create a natural and exotic decor in your bedroom, opt for this wallpaper dressed with bananas that are more real than life. Installed at the back of the bed, it will give authenticity and a tropical charm to your room. Banana Tree: 398 euros

In black and white

Au fil des Couleurs Change the universe of your room and give it more volume and perspective by covering a section of your wall with this trompe-l'oeil black and white wallpaper. In the bedroom or in a hallway, it has it all! Adelaide: 695 euros

Destination elsewhere

Au fil des Couleurs If black and white is not your cup of tea, you can let yourself be tempted by this sweet and poetic Indian landscape. Nijeibabas: 550 euros

Feathered beasts

Au fil des Couleurs Birds are the stars of this tropical, playful and colorful wallpaper. We love the diversity of birds from all over the world, their colors and the originality of the whole. A beautiful way to cultivate your decor like a naturalist. Tropical birds: 385 euros