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10 guest house bathrooms to draw inspiration from

10 guest house bathrooms to draw inspiration from

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Real decoration concentrates, guest houses never cease to seduce us, even in the bathroom! Careful details, taste for materials, some also do not hesitate to play the card of originality with bathrooms of character. Here are some good addresses to inspire you.

A bathroom that mixes genres

Ferme Elghora At Ferme Elghora, we are not afraid to mix different influences for a style that does not lack character. The very designer freestanding bathtub rubs shoulders with a seaside style ladder and a Louis Ghost armchair by Philippe Starck.

A raw and designer bathroom

Le 5 In Beaune, the guest house "Le 5" relies on materials for a bathroom that plays the card of modernity in a raw style. On the program, sinks that use the codes of concrete, XXL wall tiles in gray tones and a mosaic shower for an elegant and refined color scheme.

A bathroom dedicated to relaxation

La Maison Jules For the Jules house in Tours, the bathroom is not only a practical room but a real living room dedicated to relaxation. We take up the idea of ​​installing a decorative and comfortable armchair to furnish the room and make the most of it. We also like the flowery decor that invites you to escape.

A seaside bathroom revisited

La Belle Noé At Belle Noé in Brittany, the seaside style finds its letters of nobility in an elegant bathroom. The decorative touch to prick in this room? The bathtub surrounded by wood like a "boat deck" to take off with subtlety.

A bathroom in the bedroom

L'Albiousse At the Albiousse in Uzes, the bathroom is an integral part of the room for a suite worthy of the finest hotels. The shower then serves as a visual separation with its transparent walls and the freestanding bathtub becomes a decorative accessory in its own right. An ultra contemporary touch for a successful decor.

A retro bathroom

La Petite Folie La Petite Folie by Honfleur sees life in retro with a superb lion's feet bathtub to which the owners have given a touch of vintage color. Added to this, a tiled floor with original joints, an old sink and decorative accessories from the past and voila.

A sculptural bathroom

The White House The White House of Beaune understood that every element of the bathroom could be used to give style to it. The basins then become graphic sculptures with curved lines which stand out in the gray decor with geometric lines. Or how to mix aesthetics and functional object.

A well-defined bathroom

The Pont des Aulnes farmhouse At the Pont des Aulnes Farmhouse in the Ardennes, the bathroom aims to be functional. We take up without hesitation the idea of ​​properly separating the different spaces of this room with low walls, especially if the toilets are located there.

A castle-style bathroom

Château des Briottières Want to lead the life of a castle? Take inspiration from the bathroom of the Château des Briottières which retains its charm of yesteryear by highlighting the modern bathtub thanks to a marble wall in a wood-clad decor.


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