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Feminine colors for wallpaper

Feminine colors for wallpaper

Femininity asserts itself on the walls, with color of course, but also thanks to wallpapers with well-chosen patterns…


Graham & Brown Ornamental patterns in XXL format: this wallpaper is definitely a tribute to the royal chic of the style remains.


The Collection Women tolerate the quilt more on the walls than on their skin! Here is a highly glamorous and 100% trompe-l'oeil plum version that should appeal to more than one.


montecolino Pink bands mingling with blue and green bands. Add to that patterns with dots, dotted lines, flowers and curls, and we obtain feminine walls absolutely retro!


Montecolino After discretion, we change the register. On these walls, femininity is expressed in the wild, thanks to a wallpaper with hypnotizing graphics and really amazing ...


Richly flowery, this wallpaper on a pink background reveals a beautiful female presence.


Sedim Marburg Second hypnotizing pink version for the eyes. Result: we no longer take his eyes off it!


Harlequin Cupcakes in series on a trendy pastel background, this offers a beautiful girly chic effect on the walls!