Mesmerizing patterns for wall decoration

Mesmerizing patterns for wall decoration

Does your interior look sad? With a touch of bold wallpaper with mesmerizing patterns, you will wake up each of your rooms! It's up to you to decide if you will opt for polka dots, XXL patterns or ultra-colored stripes, taking inspiration from our selection.

Bold stripes

Saint Maclou Stripes are already a very strong motif but when the designer Castelbajac decides to apply rainbow colors to them, the result is hypnotic! He will not fail to brighten up the house!

An XXL plant motif

Saint Maclou To stage a wall in your living room, you can opt for wallpaper with XXL patterns. By choosing plant patterns you will give a new proportion to the living room by creating an offset with the actual size of the leaves. The pattern then becomes almost abstract.

Hypnotic stripes

Montecolino When we look at this incredible wallpaper, we wonder if it is indeed a flat surface because the wall seems animated with relief. Through optical illusions, the stripes with surprising shapes give life to the wall surface.

Retro spirit

A3P With this wallpaper with sixties motifs, the wall comes to life in an original way thanks to very colorful shapes but also graphic shadows which seem to give relief to the whole of the wall by adding a notion of depth.

Overloaded pattern

Graham & Brown To create an interesting optical illusion, this wallpaper infinitely multiplies a highly charged black and white city motif, so much so that it becomes almost abstract. We then have fun deciphering the different monuments that are lost in the whole of the mesmerizing composition.

A pattern puzzle

Castorama Do you know the famous Rubiks Cube game? This 3-dimensional puzzle is installed on your wall to give it a psychedelic air that seems to set the wall in motion thanks to the pattern of the cube. Warning the eyes !

A tone on tone pattern

A3P Also be aware that the hypnotic mind can work with a tone-on-tone pattern. For that, you will bet on a very worked pattern which is installed in tone on tone but in a different finish which gives it a feeling of relief.

A pop motif across the board

Montecolino If you like the roundness of the pop style and its flashy colors, you will love this wallpaper which combines dots aligned with very bright colors. The effect is then original and gives life to the wall thanks to the play of colors.

Zig zag on the walls

Rasch To create a bold style on your walls, you will opt for zig zag patterns that will enliven the entire room. And to accentuate this already daring effect, we put on a gradient of colors which gives the impression that the shapes are moving.