Ideas recovered around the bed

Ideas recovered around the bed

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The subject of this slideshow? Let the spirit recover 'take the assault room! We are full of clever and creative ideas to decorate more and spend less.

A wine case diverted into a wall shelf

Ikéa ### Lacking a little extra storage in the bedroom? Remember to recycle a wine case as a wall shelf ...

A tree trunk as a bedside table

Saint Maclou ### This is 100% natural and original: a tree trunk straight from the garden, to be used as a bedside table!

A diverted lamp frame in decorative suspension

Ikéa ### To give charm to the bed, any burst of creativity is welcome! Even the simple frame of an old pendant lamp is enough to take up the challenge. We decorate it with strips of fabric, and voila!

A reclaimed wall lamp as a bedside lamp

Essix Collection ### On the wall overlooking the bed, an old factory style extendable wall lamp found around a garage sale easily becomes a night lamp!

Decorative plates for an original wall decoration

Ikéa ### When fishing for wall decor ideas, recuperated version, we have chosen retro vintage plates. Chic and unusual!

Piles of books to build a nightstand

Ikéa ### Imagine two or three stacks of old books at the foot of the bed. This is an original way to improvise a bedside table!

An old mirror to recycle

Alexandre Turpault ### Sublime the dressing table with an old mirror moved despite himself in the cave of a thousand wonders of the attic, this is a second life that should delight everyone!

Bedside metal cans

AM PM With a little elbow grease, transform old metal cans into original bedside tables. A blow of the bomb, a small opening to slip books and voila! The plus: bet on two different sizes to energize the space.

A portable lamp as a light

Maisons du Monde The portable lamps, very useful on construction sites, make a remarkable appearance in our interiors. Here, one of them found its place on the bedside table to give an industrial look with ease.

A bench at the end of the bed

Ikea Doesn't a bench in the living room mean anything to you anymore? There is no reason to get rid of it permanently! Offer him a small place at the end of the bed in the bedroom. Practical, decorative, he likes it wonderfully.

Ribbons as headboard

Ikea Succumb to the Do It Yourself trend by creating an original headboard yourself with an old ribbon. Here pink, it energizes the room in the blink of an eye.

Vinyls transformed into wall decor

Maisons du Monde Do you have old vinyl records lying around in your garage and you don't know what to do with them? Recycle them by attaching them to the wall to create a unique decor above the bed!

Wooden planks at the head of the bed

AM PM Fancy a room that breathes nature? Play the recovery card by creating a headboard with wooden planks. The plus: keep the raw appearance for the extra touch of charm.

A pile of logs to put the decorative items

Maisons du Monde To warm up the atmosphere in the bedroom, stack a few logs next to the headboard. You can why not put some decorative objects in it like this beautiful metal lantern with an aged look.

A side table at night table

am We fall in love with this metal end table which can finally be used in any room in the house. In the bedroom, it is the bedside that it flourishes the most.

A basket to store

Ikea We all have an old basket that we do not know what to do and that we even hesitate to throw! Our idea to give it a second life: install it next to the bed to drag everything that is lying around.

A coffee table that has become a bedside table

Ikea This is an idea that we would not necessarily have thought of but which nevertheless has its little effect in the bedroom; move the coffee table from the living room next to the bed to make it a bedside table. Nice, right?