10 recipe books to give children a taste for cooking

10 recipe books to give children a taste for cooking

What could be better for children to eat everything than to make them interested in cooking? So that they discover the pleasures of preparation and incidentally experiment with new flavors, we initiate them from an early age with playful cookbooks specially designed so that they take their first step in the kitchen. Here are 10 books that will surely delight them!

Cyril Lignac & Les Petits Chefs

Editions Hachette Pratique The famous starred chef who can also be found on M6 in * Top Chef * and * Who will be the best pastry chef * also delights the little ones. Cyril Lignac thus offers a whole collection of cookbooks suitable for children with simple classics but which awaken gastronomy. What arouse vocations as a chef. Cyril Lignac, Editions Hachette Pratique, 9 euros

Cooking with 4 hands

Editions Hachette Pratique Because cooking is above all a story of sharing, this cookbook offers recipes specially designed for cooking between parents and children before they set off on their own. Each is assigned a mission for a real teamwork that will give feta zucchini triangles, tomato pies, caramel heart cookies ... Collective, Editions Hachette Pratique, 19.95 euros

I learn to cook

Langue au chat A book designed for mini-chefs with simple recipes for cookies, cakes, breads and pies illustrated step by step to introduce them to utensils, to baking but also allow them to understand the basics of using water, flour and butter in a fun way. Collective, Editions Langue au chat, 14.95 euros

Child: my first cookbook

Hachette Pratique 85 recipes for children aged 7 to 12 that will allow them to grasp basic techniques such as separating the whites from the egg yolks or mixing the different ingredients. An educational book for a real initiation. Thomas Feller, Hachette Pratique, € 9.95

Child: recipes around the world

Hachette Pratique An invitation to travel around the world and discover the countries through their culinary specialties for a true awakening of taste. Spring roll in China, tortilla in Spain, cookie in America or lassi in India ... Delicious easy recipes for little ones to learn about cooking. Alexia Jany, Hachette Pratique, € 9.95

The recipes of great chefs

Editions Mila Boutan 11 of the greatest chefs in French gastronomy put their talent at the service of a children's book to help them discover gourmet dishes that are easy to make. A real discovery of the ingredients with star names. Collective, Editions Mila Boutan, 14.95 euros

Little organic chefs

The Editor's Beach Because there is no age to learn about the quality of food and its benefits for health and the environment, this cookbook aims to offer easy recipes to follow that focus on organic. All by Cléa, famous culinary blogger. Cléa, La Plage de Editeur, € 19.95

The large children's cookbook

Thierry Magnier Editions No less than 50 classic recipes to make little ones want to start cooking thanks to playful illustrations and ideal for understanding the gestures to be made in each recipe. Collective, Editions Thierry Magnier, € 21.20

School in a pan

Editions Thierry Magnier An original cookbook that combines school lessons and delicious recipes to learn while having fun. Some recipes: invariably successful chocolate mousse to explore adverbs, well-tuned scrambled eggs or even prehistoric stew for a lesson in history… All superbly illustrated. Aurélie Caudron, Seymourina Cruse, Matthias Malingrëy, Editions Thierry Magnier, € 21.20