Desjoyaux presents the 2016 collection "I can't have a pool"

Desjoyaux presents the 2016 collection "I can't have a pool"

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"I can't have a pool"! This funny phrase from everyday language takes on its full meaning with the new collection of pools and dedicated accessories from Desjoyaux that invite you to take full advantage of sunny days. On the program: five ways to use your pool to make you want to never leave it.

With the right accessories

Desjoyaux We also have fun in the pool with Desjoyaux thanks to original accessories. A little game of table tennis with your feet in the water? This is possible with this floating table which offers a new fun activity to your pool.

I can't have a pool… and an aperitif

Desjoyaux Having a drink by the pool is the perfect time for a summer day. So, to take full advantage of it, you choose a beautiful swimming pool that invites you to relax with a natural atmosphere thanks to a stone coping surrounded by greenery.

Until the end of the night

Desjoyaux And so that the aperitif does not stop after dark, we adopt garden lighting that will enhance the pool. Festive atmosphere and design assured with these bright balls to prick and its lamps to hang in the trees.

I can't have a pool… and a gym

Desjoyaux Aperitif is good, but in moderation and provided you have a healthy lifestyle! So much the better since your swimming pool also allows you to do your daily sports session. Ideal for conversation? Choose a lap pool that will allow you to swim laps comfortably. A top swimming pool!

And more

Desjoyaux Who said that you can only swim in a pool? Desjoyaux offers a whole range of sports accessories to transform your swimming pool into a gym. For a touch of originality, opt for the aquabike, a bike to use in your pool!

I can't have swimming… and reading

Desjoyaux After effort, comfort. To transform the swimming pool into an ideal relaxation area for reading a few pages, bet on a swimming pool with a wooden beach whose natural spirit invites you to dream. To mix with a comfortable bench filled with cushions.

Unless you prefer a deckchair…

Desjoyaux… Or how to combine the pleasure of sunbathing and reading! We adopt this deckchair mattress to install by the pool to be ready to dive in case of heat stroke. Simple and ultra design.

I can't have a pool… and relaxation

Desjoyaux What if you transform your pool into a real spa? Easy ! Add a spa area in your garden and you can choose between swimming pool and massage jets. The spa can be directly integrated into the ground to blend in with the decor just like your pool.

Or directly in the pool

Desjoyaux Note that you can also adopt a swimming pool which directly presents a spa area thanks to stairs which offer massaging jets and which invite relaxation with ease.