Wallpaper to customize your furniture

Wallpaper to customize your furniture

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Do not throw away any unused wallpaper scraps, they could prove useful the day your furniture looks gray and you want to renew your decoration. Skeptical? Here are 10 ideas to turn your old furniture into unique decorative pieces. So, tempted?

A psychedelic wardrobe

Cole & Son No more sad and monotonous cupboards! In just a few minutes, they cover themselves with highly graphic wallpaper and boost their decorative potential. Magic ! Source: Skimmer rings

A trendy staircase

Ugepa - Ohoh blog Stick one or more strips of wallpaper on your risers for a guaranteed graphic effect! Sources: Mademoiselle wallpaper - Ohoh blog

Vintage inspiration

Castorama Are you a lover of vintage style and iconic psychedelic patterns from the 70s? Why not make it a key element of your decoration by displaying them on your nesting tables. The great idea: mix the patterns to create an original and unique decor! Sources: Castorama

Ikea hacking

Laura life The famous Billy shelf distributed by the Ikea brand has found a new lease of life thanks to the addition of a background with geometric patterns. The result is a personalized piece of furniture that is as practical as it is decorative, in the Ikea hacking trend. Source: Laura life

A wall of frames

Castorama To give a new identity to your space or to dress an original part of your wall, frame drops of wallpaper and then arrange them harmoniously on the wall. Otherwise, stick pieces of wallpaper on wooden panels of different formats and arrange them on your wall randomly. Source: Castorama

Unique chairs

The sweet escape - Yann Deret Upholstered in floral or baroque wallpaper, these faded chairs have regained their splendor. Changing the decoration of your room has never been easier! Sources: The sweet escape - Libertydeco

A custom exterior drawer

Angel's Head Want to give a personalized and elegant look to your old chest of drawers? Nothing very complicated! You just need to apply wallpaper to the outside of your furniture drawers. Easy as pie ! Source: Angel's Head

Boxes to adopt

A3P Originally made of wood, these cases have been given a new look thanks to scraps of graphic wallpaper. The result is simply sublime. Source: Tapestry


With its 10 little fingers A blond wooden shelf, pieces of wallpaper dressed in floral patterns, and here is a piece of furniture with a vintage spirit that will not leave anyone indifferent. Source: With its 10 small fingers