The basics of a loft style kitchen

The basics of a loft style kitchen

Do you love the loft style? invites you to discover the essential elements of a loft style kitchen. Demonstration in pictures.

A massive steel suspension

Ikea ### A bargain-hunt or a buy, the generous metal or steel pendant lights illuminate the industrial King Size version to set the scene.

The predominance of metal

Ikéa ### Who says loft says gray, who says gray says metal! In our loft-style kitchen, it's impossible to do without it!

High chairs

AM.PM ### American style lofts are our key inspiration. Difficult to do without their high chairs so characteristic of open kitchens!

A credenza bar

Goal ### To highlight all of its stainless steel utensils, and thus accentuate the loft spirit, nothing like a credenza bar!

One tap maximum

Fly ### The plunging faucets for restaurants enhance the stainless steel style of the kitchen and the excessiveness of the accessories, so dear to the loft ambiances.

XXL decorative letters

Fly ### The XXL format is still topical with imposing decorative letters to put the air of nothing on the work plan…

Stainless steel

Fly ### After metal, stainless steel. Especially for utensils, hood and sink area. No way to ignore!


Maisons du Monde As in an artist's studio, we let our finest crockery on display in the kitchen thanks to display cases. Here, the choice of white wood and metal is a real success!

A retro fridge

Maisons du Monde Small but not least decorative touch in your loft-style kitchen: the fridge! No way to go wrong, we opt for a retro model found on a flea market or a model that has appropriated the lines of the 50s like the famous Smeg.

Robots are out

Schmidt In your loft style kitchen, don't be afraid to leave a few utensils lying around here and there. We are thinking in particular of household robots which are exposed on the worktop both for the style effect and for the practical side!

A blackboard wall

Leroy Merlin To give free rein to the imagination of the whole family in the kitchen, what could be better than a large school painting? We really like the idea of ​​painting a large section of wall with a blackboard paint. You just have to buy some chalks.

A large central island

Schmidt The loft style kitchen lends itself mainly to large spaces, so it must be open to the living room or the dining room. To make two very distinct corners, install in the center of the room a large central island with a raw wood look. That's it !

An industrial hood

Mobalpa Also play with some industrial style ideas! We think of this large factory-style hood that takes place in the center of the kitchen to assert the loft look in less than two.

Cement tiles

Maisons du Monde The loft style also has fun with cement tiles and in the kitchen, they invite themselves to the wall to create an original splashback. Here, the bluish colors harmonize perfectly with raw wood and metal furniture.

A canopy

Perene They make us dream and in a loft style kitchen, they find a place of choice. We talk to you about canopies of course! Open to the living room or to the courtyard, they bring that little extra workshop as we like.

Waxed concrete look furniture

Perene The waxed concrete aspect goes very well with the loft style in the kitchen, whether placed on the floor or on the walls. Small novelty that we like very much: the furniture which also takes this texture in a very decorative anthracite gray.

An apparent hood pipe

Leroy Merlin For a most successful factory loft style in the kitchen, do not hesitate to opt for a large apparent hood pipe in aluminum. It brings a real decorative touch to the style of the room.