The wardrobe according to Lapeyre

The wardrobe according to Lapeyre

For your wardrobe, Lapeyre offers a multitude of flexible options as desired. Whether you are looking for solutions to arrange the interior of a closet or to create a dressing room in a room of your house, you will certainly find what you need in this selection.

The closet that clips

Lapeyre "Clip" wherever you want. The Clipcity solution by Lapeyre only needs a wall section to be installed and embellish your dressing area. Clipcity fittings, € 68.30

A pretty gray wood

Lapeyre The Dubai solution and its wood effect allows you to install an open dressing room on the wall and offers a beautiful design effect. Dubai furnishings, from € 228.70

One solution for two

Lapeyre As a couple, you inevitably need more space in the dressing room than when you are alone. The "Duo" layout offers enough space with its large wardrobe and column with four shelves and two drawers. Duo layout, from € 54.90

A design layout

Lapeyre For a design effect, why not arrange the Duo solution in a recess in a wall painted in a pretty red color? Duo layout, from € 54.90

Lots of space

Lapeyre If you want to install your dressing room in an entire room, the Espace layout is what you need. It offers many modules that will perfectly adapt to the surface of the room chosen. Space layout, from € 85.30 for a straight box two meters high.

Behind a brick wall

Lapeyre If you have a very large bedroom, why not use the unused space of the room and create a dressing room? For a New York loft effect, raise in your room two beautiful red brick walls that will split the space in two. Space layout, from € 85.30 for a straight box two meters high.

A very simple layout

Lapeyre This is a new 2016, the Hawaii layout offers a simple dressing solution and design at the same time. It consists of large shelves and no less than two wardrobes. Hawaii design, € 119.90

Optimize space

Lapeyre Optimiz storage solutions will allow you to optimize your wardrobe. The range, flexible as desired, indeed offers a large number of elements, and does not forget the essential lighting of the room.

A dream world

Lapeyre Create your dressing universe With "Univers" layout solutions, create the dressing of your dreams.