Decorative details that make the difference in the bathroom

Decorative details that make the difference in the bathroom

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To make the bathroom the most decorative room in the house, you can bet on a few details that will make all the difference. To give you some ideas that will enhance your room, follow our advice in pictures.

A practical dirty laundry basket

Spoiler In the bathroom, the basket dedicated to dirty laundry is not always aesthetically glorious. To remedy this, we offer an original basket in a nice material and we do not hesitate to play the 2 in 1 card: this model will also serve as a stool, for example.

Pretty accessories

Spoiler Remember to choose beautiful accessories that will accommodate your toothbrushes and other makeup accessories. Prefer coordinated models that will create a beautiful unity in the bathroom.

Decorative soaps

Linum And for your accessories to welcome beautiful objects, we do not hesitate to bet on pretty soaps. You will find solid models but also beautiful bottles for liquid soap. You choose !

A beautiful shower curtain

Ferm Living If you have a shower, the shower curtain should not be overlooked because often the models are unsightly. To remedy this, we offer a decorative model like this one with patterns found at Ferm Living.

An original mixer

Nobili Gone are the old faucets that do not enhance your sink, we now opt for designer and original mixers like this model which allows you to see the water flow in the tank before it reaches the sink.

An original basin

Nobili If you don't want a sink, opt for a more contemporary version of the bathroom with a countertop basin. We find models in original shapes like this tall basin with a curved rim.

A decorative bath mat

The Collection To avoid slipping or getting cold feet when you get out of the shower, the bath mat is essential. But for the decorative aspect, we avoid the carpets in fabrics which get dirty very quickly and we rather put on contemporary wooden model.

A decorative shower

Wirquin Finally, do not neglect the details of the shower which will bring decorative touches. For the evacuation of your walk-in shower for example, you will prefer a decorative grid that has a beautiful chrome pattern.

A rainy sky

Lapeyre And in the shower, we favor contemporary accessories that set the tone for the bathroom. For a decorative and pleasant shower we put on an XXL rain sky, ideal for relaxation.

Colorful seals

Ikea It doesn't take much to bring a touch of originality to the bathroom. The proof with these bright yellow joints which illuminate the room and bring it a pop atmosphere.

A crumpled paper look trash can

C trend The bathroom trash can also be on top so as not to distort the rest of the decor. Our heart is in favor of this resolutely crumpled paper look model.

Decorative towels

La Redoute Since they are often in plain sight, bath towels must be chosen with care. We love these models with coral stripes that extend summer in the bathroom.

Accumulation of candles

Zara Home To relax and create a Zen atmosphere in the bathroom, we multiply the number of candles at the foot of the bathtub. Well-being guaranteed!

A decorative stool

Sanijura A stool often proves very practical in the bathroom to put your clothes, your towel or simply sit there to put the cream. This season, we choose a very trendy blond wooden model.

An atypical shower screen

Mobalpa This all white bathroom lacked decorative detail to make the difference. The problem is now solved with this bright blue shower screen that sets the tone for the room.

An original washbasin cabinet

Sanijura Choosing an original washbasin cabinet to bring a more decorative touch to the room is easy with this model which seems to be made up of several colored and stacked dominoes.

A designer towel dryer

Ridea A real favorite for this ultra design towel warmer. This is the decorative detail that was needed to awaken the atmosphere of this bathroom.

A practical shelf

Ikea Convenient this shelf which allows to put some beauty products and to hang your towels with hooks. With its sleek look, a touch of retro, it will have no trouble finding its place in our interiors.