Zoom on the Sommar 2016 outdoor collection and Ikea's new decor

Zoom on the Sommar 2016 outdoor collection and Ikea's new decor

A taste of summer in the Ikea studio-terrace in the heart of Paris. Pleasantly highlighted in an exotic and soothing atmosphere, the new outdoor collection leaves us in the mood. Favorites for beach chairs, cushion covers and pendant lights in summer colors and patterns. On the studio side, new bedroom, kitchen and office space is not to be outdone and mixes space-saving spirit, raw materials and ever more Scandinavian lines. Pretty discoveries.

Space-saving beach chairs

Julie Guillermet With their ultra graphic zig zag patterns, the new beach chairs designed by Ikea will give a touch of decorative flair to your balcony. Foldable, they can be stored in two stages, three movements. Mysingsö beach chair: 29.90 euros each

Blue and white Greek dishes

Julie Guillermet A beautiful invitation to travel, the new Sommar tableware collection is available in bright white and royal blue, colors that remind us of the magnificent cities of Greece, such as Santorini. Sommar cup: 1.99 euros each Sommar bowl: 2.99 euros each Sommar plate: 3.99 euros each Sommar tray: from 4.99 euros each

Cushion covers with graphic patterns

Julie Guillermet Skillfully dressed in graphic patterns and tinted in the tie and dye spirit, the new cushion covers designed by Ikea are blowing a breath of sea freshness in the summer of 2016. Sommar cushion cover: 9.99 euros each

A coconut fiber decorative doormat

Julie Guillermet Like an echo of the patterns of Sommar beach chairs and cushion covers, the doormat of the new outdoor collection is enhanced with royal blue zig zag lines. Enough to welcome your guests in style at the entrance. Sommar doormat: 7.99 euros

An openwork metal bench in pop color

Julie Guillermet Lovers of pop colors in general and orange in particular, you will certainly fall for this outdoor bench, also at ease indoors. Note: it also exists in pearl gray for a more loft effect. Västerön bench: 25 euros each

Smart bed frame and romantic bed linen

Julie Guillermet Able to transform into a clothes rack, the new Gjöra solid birch bed frame can also be used as a decorative headboard once decorated with light garlands or curtains. Smart isn't it? As for bed linen, we melt for this set in the bohemian Liberty print. Gjöra bed frame: 239 euros Liberty duvet cover and Ljusïga pillowcases: 29.95 euros

A minimalist office ideal for small spaces

Julie Guillermet Scandinavian style and refined refinement combine wonderfully in Lisabo, a new ash desk capable of adapting to smaller surfaces. In terms of decor, there is a crush on the Skurar wall clock and its romantic aesthetic comparable to lace. Lisabo desk: 149 euros Skurar wall clock: 10.50 euros

A slightly industrial retro wall shelf

Julie Guillermet In the kitchen, Ikea plays the authenticity card with Falsterbo, a wall shelf with an industrial look. What give character to a contemporary kitchen. Falsterbo wall shelf: 79 euros

A modular extra service

Julie Guillermet Proposed as an additional service, Rimforsa also invites itself into the kitchen as a central island, it's up to you. Topped with an oiled bamboo worktop, this storage space has everything you need. Rimforsa side dessert: 399 euros