Indoor garden: which plant for which room?

Indoor garden: which plant for which room?

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Green is not just the color of the year. It is also the color we dream of in winter to fill our lack of nature. Result: we fill up with plants throughout the house ... taking into account the destination room to choose their variety.

In the office

La Redoute ### Computer, phone… In the office corner, the interest of a green plant is not only visual. The other goal? Depollute the ambient air to minimize nervousness and headaches. Among the varieties to be preferred, it is necessary to retain the cactus, the chrysanthemum or the azalea…

In the bathroom

AM.PM ### Tropical plants and orchids are the queens of the bathroom. In fact, these plants are the most adaptable to the tropical climate (high heat and humidity) that prevails there.

In the kitchen

Goal ### The main difficulties in sowing naturalness in the kitchen lie in its changing temperature and its lack of space between furniture, appliances and worktop. The ideal? Bet on mini pots to multiply as desired on shelves perched high and away from the hob and oven.

In the entrance

Ikéa ### Because the entrance is a passageway, fragile plants that can fear drafts are to be avoided! We prefer more seasonal flowerpots to bring cheerfulness and color or particularly resistant ivy.

In the veranda

Ikea ### Particularly bright, this space in the house is suitable for exotic plants. It is also welcome to mix several varieties to form a real indoor garden. Only condition: maintain everything well to prevent them from drying out!

In the living room

### The show loves large plants: palm or ficus are causing a sensation!

In the dining room

Ikéa ### As in the living room, the dining room appreciates the generous plants that can stand out. If traditionally, the ficus is very popular, you can also set your sights on climbing plants such as ivy or bougainvillea, easy to maintain. Be careful however, they are quickly invasive!