When decoration plays with color contrasts

When decoration plays with color contrasts

To create decorative effects of character, you can easily play with colors. And it is the color contrasts that will be the most striking for an original decoration. We therefore invite you to discover how to use color contrasts in your decor in 10 images.

Contrast at the table

Alinéa The dining room is a real game for color contrasts. We could for example opt for a white table and choose chairs in absolute black. To remind the duo, we can use the dishes by combining black and white which will accentuate the graphic effect of the furniture.

Contrasting furniture

Alinéa In the living room also the furniture can help you create contrasts! If your decor is more in brown tones, you can for example opt for white shelves that will leave your walls visible to accentuate the color oppositions.

Furniture and accessories against a backdrop

Fly For a successful contrast in any room, take a single color backdrop like white walls and dress the room with opposite furniture and accessories like this sofa and this black carpet that give depth to the decor.

Detailed contrasts

Leroy Merlin Know that it is not necessary to use large pieces of furniture to create a contrast in your decor. You can also play the card of subtlety by integrating only a few touches of black in your white decor using cushions, frame or lamp.

Fluorescent contrast

Leroy Merlin Black and white are not the only colors you can use to create striking contrast. In general, you can choose all the colors which present a vivid color / neutral color opposition. Here, we put on gray which highlights a neon yellow.

Childish contrast

Leroy Merlin Color contrasts also work in children's rooms. We can then bet on a neutral color and add a childish color like pink to create a daring universe but suitable for children.

From the ground to the ceiling

Ikea In this room, contrast is the watchword of the decor! Also, it finds its place both on the walls with a contrast between gray furniture and white walls, as on the floor with a checkerboard coating.

Reverse contrast

Ikea Usually, these are touches of black that come to contrast a white decor. In this bathroom, it is the opposite and there are touches of white that light up a black decor.

Double contrast

Darty In this kitchen, the black furniture offers a double contrast by cutting radically with the light walls but also with the light wood worktops to offer a kitchen with character.