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Porcel: new products for 2016

Porcel: new products for 2016

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Stylized and graphic patterns, soft, intense or festive shades, in 2016 Porcel decided to put small dishes in the big ones! The result: nine new inspired and inspiring porcelain collections for the decoration of our tables. Discovery!

Allegro Collection

Porcel The meeting of porcelain and graphic patterns often works wonders. Evidenced by these plates imagined by designer Helena Bóia with classic platinum lines. Inspired by the rhythm of music, the Allegro collection really has it all!

Grace Collection

Porcel Elegant and refined, the Grace collection is distinguished by its feminine hues and its design of absolute softness. We love this pastel set with small powdery pink plates that blend into a green drop of water. A harmony that is reminiscent of Rose Quartz and Bleu Serenity, Pantone 2016 colors.

Premium gold collection

Porcel Porcelain 2016 new items showcase the golden color. A chic shade that dresses the most classic cups, plates or other teapots. The proof in pictures with the Premium gold collection!

Saturn Collection

Porcel Difficult to resist this collection of white and black tableware bordered with gilding and dressed in gray shards in its center. Inspired by a starry sky in summer, it has it all!

Vivian Collection

Porcel We love the textured patterns of the Vivian tableware which embellish and give relief to this elegant and delicate collection.

Exclusive premium gold collection

Porcel By small touches, gold is invited into the Exclusive premium gold collection to bring a chic and festive touch to our tables! Gorgeous.

Full Platinium Collection

Porcel Difficult not to fall under the spell of the Full Platinium collection. All in simplicity, she puts on a platinum covering that suits her perfectly!

Imperio Gold Collection

Porceled with stylized golden patterns, Imperio Gold tableware brings a touch of sophistication to our festive tables. A chic table service in an elegant and deep blue, which allows everyone to set their table according to their mood.

Full Gold Collection

Porcel Let it be said, gold brings a touch of elegance and refinement to any table. The proof in pictures with the very classic Full Gold collection in white and golden hues. An Art Deco atmosphere for round and geometric lines. Simple and efficient. * Find all the collections on the Porcel website. *


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