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A sofa, two decorative possibilities

A sofa, two decorative possibilities

Accessorized in a distinct way and planted in the middle of varied decorations, the same sofa can reveal several faces! An ability to change style that happens all around him, demonstrated here in 5 pairs of examples:

Sofa without armrests: chic version

Ikéa ### Second staging for the same sofa. Its arty side has only to keep up well with this more sophisticated customization! The secret weapon of change? Precious, warm and silky materials await you.

Wide-seat sofa: punchy version

Ikéa ### Head for a dazzling, bluish fantasy! Thanks to whom ? At the coffee tableā€¦ and on the sofa! Its base and azure stitching, nicely enhanced with polka dot cushions, create a fresh and punchy mood in the living room. Everything we love !

Wide-seat sofa: retro version

Ikéa ### The same sofa chosen in beige and nestled in the heart of a timeless living room (vintage wallpaper on the walls, mottled carpet on the floor, chair turned aside in plant holder and pedestal table lined with flowers), that changes all ! One day retro, always retro.

Tufted sofa: London version

Goal ### A few cushions decorated with "Newspaper" patterns and "London" prints, completed, a little further, with a Union Jack pouffe and blue and red nesting tables: this is how to make a sofa fly away gray padded, across the Channel!

Tufted sofa: cocooning version

Goal ### The good news is that the same sofa, this time surrounded by a cotton blanket, a faux fur cushion and a carpet with long fringes, also responds to cocooning desires!

Leather sofa: classic version

Paragraph ### Wisdom as a bonus for this leather sofa comfortably housed in a living room with stone walls, dressed in a cottony carpet and knitted cushions. In short, in an authentic living room, leather becomes classic!

Leather sofa: loft version

Paragraph ### Change of scenery. Brick walls, street art works framing the door, industrial coffee table: here, the leather sofa has landed in a living room halfway between loft style and workshop style, and to tell you the truth, that's what suits him wonder !

Wide back sofa: family version

Ikéa ### In front of a coffee table disguised as an arty space for children between its pencil jars and rough papers, this sofa despite itself displays a "family" style! Priority to expression, good humor and a relaxed attitude!

Wide back sofa: natural version

Ikéa ### Upholstered with cushions in the shape of tree leaves, in total agreement with the window curtains and the decorative plates on the wall, this sofa clearly displays its vegetable inspiration and its love for nature.