Nordic inspiration at home at Hübsch in 2016

Nordic inspiration at home at Hübsch in 2016

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From the living room to the office, via the dining room or the kitchen, the Danish brand Hübsch lifts the veil on its new products for 2016. The program for this new collection: furniture, lighting, tableware and a host of decorative accessories - cushion, vase, carpet, clock, tealight holder ... - all imagined in the rules of Nordic art. Take a look at our 10 favorite atmospheres.

A pretty Scandinavian-inspired buffet

Hübsch Centerpiece of the new collection imagined by Hübsch, this magnificent buffet in a row sublimates the codes inherent in the Scandinavian style: light wood and Eiffel Tower legs modernized with a hint of metal.

Two atmospheres dotted with greenery

Hübsch On the left, this office-workshop charms us at first sight. In addition to superb light wooden furniture, it is the small clothing plants scattered in this atmosphere, on the desk, as if hanging, that particularly appeal to us. On the right, a beautiful wooden and fabric bench sits next to two rugs with graphic patterns.

A minimalist and refined office

Hübsch Very contemporary, this staging gives pride of place to a dark wooden desk, accompanied by a matching metal and rattan chair. The whole is sublimated by a decoration made of pastel and golden touches.

Dining room seating mix

Hübsch User-friendly, the dining room designed by Hübsch is an invitation to share a good meal, like good times. And always more style, we follow the trend and we no longer hesitate to mix the seats: chairs, stools and benches!

Cushions with graphic prints

Hübsch On the accessories side, Hübsch sign rectangular cushions, like squares, dressed in chic graphic patterns, an ethnic touch.

Designer cabinets and shelves

Hübsch Ideal for showcasing your collections of all kinds or exhibiting your magazines, this Nordic-inspired wardrobe and wall shelf will be inviting into interiors with charm and refinement.

An ultra comfortable sofa and chaise longue

Hübsch The height of cozy chic, this sofa with a padded backrest and this anthracite gray chaise longue. Perfectly highlighted in these two atmospheres, these seats will bring the touch of cocooning charm that was missing in your living room.

Highboard and showcase favorites

Hübsch As comfortable in the kitchen as in the living room or dining room, this small dresser on wheels skilfully mixes metal and wood, when the display cabinet enhances the dishes and glassware it contains.

Glass vases and tealight holders

Hübsch On the left, magnificent delicately colored glass vases will enhance your small branches. And on the right, this pretty tealight holder will diffuse a dim light in your living room or bedroom.


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