Pretty stationery for pretty wedding

Pretty stationery for pretty wedding

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The announcement is an essential element of your D-Day: it announces the good news to your guests, but also gives them precious indications on the theme and style of your wedding! You must therefore choose your stationery carefully, the style of which will reflect your two personalities as much as that of your special day. Take inspiration from our selection of 10 invitations with surprising, timeless or romantic graphics!

A vintage version in yellow and gray

Paris stationery The sites specialized in "home-made" (Etsy, A Little Market, Dawanda…) are full of small stationery creators with ultra creative models. The editorial staff selected this invitation imagined by the graphic designers of the "Papeteries de Paris", which enchants us with this sweet mixture of yellow and gray vintage flowers.

On a fairground air…

Monsieur plus Madame The funfair is a theme that one does not necessarily think of for a wedding, and which nevertheless turns out to be very original! Cheerful and delicately colored, this stationery with retro codes is freely inspired by the traveling festivals of the 19th century.

Tropical touch for a warm wedding!

Pepper & Joy A successful marriage requires a multitude of careful details, in harmony with the chosen theme. In this set with tropical prints, the envelope takes up the theme of foliage also present on the invitation. Chic from every angle!

Variable geometry

With a love like that Scandinavian design gives pride of place to geometric patterns, which are subtly declined here. Mint green and coral pink form a nice duo of colors to enhance the graphics of this announcement!

Love letters

One fine day The creators of this factory-inspired set emphasized typography. The whole aesthetic of this stationery is based on a variation of letters: with their different sizes and shapes, they energize the traditional invitation card. The icing on the cake, we can easily reproduce it at home and personalize it according to our desires!

Variations around blue

Collective ribbon Favorite for this set with fresh and summer colors, which immerses us in the blue of the seabed. The graphic patterns combine harmoniously with floral prints to form a delicate and contemporary whole!

Softness of watercolor

Mademoiselle sweet wedding Far from the bright colors and flashy prints, this model distills its pastel palette like a watercolor. We fall for the photo "tie & dye" which makes us travel to the sumptuous landscapes of the American West!

Country spirit

Collective ribbon Simplicity is sometimes more effective than a very worked print, as in this announcement bearing the famous "tree of life". Symbol of love and prosperity, it delicately stands out from the beige background: a great idea to copy to announce the date of D-Day to its guests!

Long live graphic patterns!

Collective ribbon What if we went off the beaten track with this set dominated by black, white and gold? The ethnic and geometric patterns, combined with imitation marble prints, suggest a wedding as elegant as it is modern.


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